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Utilizing the Wasted Space in Corner Kitchen Cabinets

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What's the best way to utilize the space in the unreachable corners of my cabinets where they form an "L" shape. This is where perpendicular portions of the cabinet meet at the corners. If I use bins in those corners to hold items then I have to remove all my pots and pans to get to the bins.

That may be my only solution, but I'd like to hear other people's ideas because at the moment this is all wasted space that I could use. I've found things in those corners I didn't know I had.

By Betty


Recent Answers

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By Judy04/26/2011

Sorry, didn't know you were in rental. My counter is L shaped so we could get to back side of it. We cut into the back of cabinet.

By Grandma J [46]01/17/2011

Under cupboard has turntable, upper ones I store things in the back of the L that I do not need often. I store my pots/pans in the drawer of the stove, the big soup kettles, etc in the basement on shelves with the crock pots, etc.
I have 27 kitchen doors/cupboards in a 100 yr old house. They had made this kitchen huge with lots of cupboard space. Would loose a chunk if dishwasher was built in so have a portable next to the counter on a blank wall.

By Linda [36]01/15/2011

I have lazy susan's in my corner cabinets and I hate them. My house is about 30 years old and I guess these cabinets are too. The two tiered top, susan is coming down and the bottom tier is almost laying on the floor of the cabinet. There is no way to get the old out without sawing them apart and then no way to put new ones in and the pole is metal pipe. I used to have just the deep L-shaped cabinets in another home and I just put things in boxes or baskets that I could slide out or lift out, like the others are saying I didn't store everyday items in it! Good luck!

By Cricket [201]01/15/2011

I use that hard-to-reach space to hold my emergency supplies: bottles of water, non-perishable foods, things like that. On the same token, we all have unused space at the top of our closets, tall spaces between the top shelf and the closet ceiling. I installed an extra shelf up there and that's where I store other emergency supplies such as blankets and linens in the top of the linen closet, cleaning supplies in the top of the broom closet, extra clothing at the top of clothes closets. And I have space between the tops of my kitchen cabinets and the ceiling so I store emergency foods up there. I camouflage it with silk plants at the front of the space.

By shirley dobie [4]01/14/2011

I found some large (24-30 inch) Rubbermaid style lazy susans at a garage sale. I put 2 on each shelf and can fit a few canisters in between. What a difference.

By Sharron [3]01/14/2011

You could use the caravan style of a lift up lid into the l-shaped corner - of course the down side is that you need to shift anything away from the corner if you need to access it. The ones I am thinking of have a basket that you can lift out.

By Deanj01/14/2011

I have two L shaped corners. When I had the cabinets installed they came with lazy susans in each corner. I don't know if they can be installed now with out replacing the corner cabinets.

By Cindy [3]01/13/2011

Hello Betty, We have similar issues with corner cabinets. A couple of ideas to start:
1) You could remove any or all shelves and make or purchase a custom sized 1, 2, or 3 tier Lazy Susan that would greatly reduce the amount of wasted space.
2) Use the hard to reach areas to store little or seldom used items, like picnic utensils and plates, specialty or heirloom cookbooks that are only used a few times a year, extra mason jars not currently in use, bar-b-q & outdoor grill tools that are only used seasonally, etc. You will still have to dig when you need these items, but not on a regular basis! Tape a list of items you have stored in the dark recesses to the inside of the cabinet door so you don't forget what is tucked away. Good luck!

By Betty [104]01/13/2011

I can't do as Judsy222 suggested (if I'm understanding her correctly) If I cut into that I'd being cutting into the wall of a bath room and I'm in a rental.

By Judy01/13/2011

We had the same problem with the corners. My husband cut a door in the back side and now have full use of it.
We stained it to match and looks very nice.

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