Getting Rid of Goutweed


How can I get rid of Goutweed (Ground Ivy)? It's taking over. Please help!

Hardiness Zone: 8a

By BearDreamer from Vancouver Island


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By kathleen williams 76 1,662 04/14/2009

Cover it with plastic for a few weeks, good luck.

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By REE 1 63 06/28/2009

MOST invasives can be tamed with the use of old carpets .. Put a layer on top of the plants in spring and leave them there. Water will still get through.

This even works on Japanese knot weed / spring bamboo **need 3 layers and make sure the intersections are covered well. Start about 3 ft from the outside edge and work in to center. Ria

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Question: Keeping Goutweed Out of Garden

If I install a metal garden edge will it stop the goutweed from crawing through?

By Juliana T.

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By JazzyMe [12] 05/21/2012

Only if the edging goes at least 8 inches deep. Try putting a few layers of news paper down over it first, push the metal edging down in such a way that it "tucks" the paper down too.

Then put a single layer of cardboard over the paper but inside the perimeter of the metal edging. Cover the cardboard with good garden soil. Wait 3 weeks for the cardboard to get soft by sprinkling it with a little bit of water each day.

If any green sprouts start to grow, pick them out while tiny. After 3 weeks plant whatever you wish in that area. Once established remove the edging. The cardboard and newspaper make good fertilizer/mulch.

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