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Making Garlic Pepper Seasoning

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Does anyone know the measurements to mix your own garlic pepper? I found one for garlic salt which was 1/8 tsp garlic powder and 7/8 tsp salt to equal one teaspoon, but am not able to find one for garlic pepper. How odd! I was disappointed at the prices on a teeny-tiny bottle of garlic pepper in the grocery store. I figured I could probably mix my own cheaper.
Thanks for your help :)

By Pam from FL


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By Julia [136]08/19/2010

Hi Pam,

The way I would make a mixed seasoning would be to take a saucer or sandwich plate, and sprinkle onto the plate the amount of garlic powder and the amount of black pepper I'd be using on a 3 lb roast, for instance. If the ratio seems about equal, then you would use equal parts of garlic and pepper in your mix. If you use twice as much pepper as you do garlic, then your ratio would be 2 parts pepper to one part garlic powder.

Often times, companies who make the mixes are adding "fillers" to the mixes they make commercially. Some of the "fillers" are preservatives or MSG for instance. I tend to stay away from mixes, and if I do use them, I read the labels very carefully. Many times, the mixes will contain salt. For sure, I stay away from those. If you want to know what a mix has the most of, read the ingredients, and the first item mentioned on the list is what there is the most of in the can, bottle, jar etc. Since spices are usually one of the more expensive items in the grocery stores, I don't want to be paying a spice price for salt.

Hope this helps.


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