Removing Flarp Putty from Carpet


How do I get Flarp out of my new carpet?

By Ljkirven from Plainfield, IL


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The answer might be here.
Even though the title says "Flarp stains on clothing" some of the answers people came up with had to do with carpet. Looks like the answer is vinegar, maybe followed by alcohol.

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By Danielle 07/01/2009

Oh no, I'm sorry, this happened to us about a year ago & the blue flarp is still in the carpet, I tried everything including trying to heat it w/ a hairdryer to cut it out....Good luck with that. Hopefully you will get something that works & I can move the rug I conceal it with & give it a try :)

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By Meredith 11/26/2010

Another post and following string suggested white vinegar. It's working for us tonight after coming home from a hockey game to find that our dog got into my purse, our son's toys and blue Flarp. Vinegar works!

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By Christine 12/22/2010

Love that I can go online and find a solution to anything! Just had green Flarp mashed into the carpet and found that the vinegar dissolved it and you can not even tell it had ever been there! It was a mashed spot about 4" wide and just covered in lime green Flarp. We picked off what we could and I just soaked it in vinegar for a minute or two then wiped up and kept wiping till paper towels are not green. So happy!

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By jerseygirlrachael 04/07/2012

Thank you! Used the vinegar advice below and it definitely worked. First I used a butter knife and, with it flat, I slid it under the putty to pull up as much as possible.Then, I used white vinegar and poured a good amount on the paper towel and started blotting over and over with wet and dry paper towels until no color from the noise putty showed up on the paper towels. Miracle. thanks so much. I love the internet!

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Archive: Removing Flarp Putty from Carpet

My daughter left the cover off her newly acquired Flarp noise putty. It ran into the carpet and is caked in really badly. I need ideas for getting it out of the carpet. I called the company and they weren't helpful.

By Shimanoman71 from Medford, WI

RE: Removing Flarp Putty from Carpet

I have had to do the following for things like this: Harden it with ice, scrape, and vacuum. Hope this works. Robyn (04/15/2009)

By Robyn Fed

RE: Removing Flarp Putty from Carpet

If the ice cube method does not work, I would suggest the following:
  • Wet a folded dishcloth, not to the point of dripping.
  • Place it on top of the Flarp
  • Press down and leave in place for a few hours
  • Remove the dishcloth
  • Check if the Flarp has softened
  • Carefully scrape up the Flarp
  • Repeat until as much as possible had been removed
  • Before the area is bone dry, gently vacuum.
Good Luck (04/19/2009)

By hedera

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