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Getting Rid of Yellow Jackets in Your House

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yellow jackets in a house

Yellow jackets can enter your home through very small openings, such as damaged screens and attic vents. This is a guide about getting rid of yellow jackets in your home.



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Question: Yellow Jackets In House

Help, we have hundreds (and I am not kidding) of yellow jackets in our home. We have probably killed 6 or 7 hundred but they are still here. Any advice. No one has gotten stung yet except the dog.

Barb from Fairview, MI


Most Recent Answer

By Joan [13]10/17/2009

I have the same problem with yellow jackets/wasps in my apartment. I have no idea how they are getting in. Management sprayed around the outside of the building after I mentioned the problem to them. I'm still getting them. I kill anywhere from one to 7/8 a day. Then there might be a day where we don't see any. I have moved the furniture that I can, to check behind that, but I have some large pieces that I can't move, in fact most of my furniture is that way. The creatures act like they are in the process of dying when they appear, but I don't want to take any chances.

Question: Yellow Jackets in the House

Yellow jackets are getting into my house. Last year I lit them up by pouring gas down their holes in the yard and striking a match. It worked, but now they are really mad. I found 2 spots were they are swarming around at the top of my roof and I have used 15 cans of Jacket spray and sealed them off with the expanding foam from the Home Depot.

They are still getting in, I saw some actually coming in thru the electrical plates on the wall in the kitchen. Now they are coming in on the 3rd floor. An exterminator is not an option at this point. I want to get rid of them myself. Any suggestions?

By Jon


Most Recent Answer

By Lilac [18]08/20/2011

Why do you want to do it yourself? You may not be able to. Call the exterminator and be done with it.

Question: Getting Rid of Yellowjackets

I have yellowjackets in the ground. What's the best way to get rid of them?

Ron from NW Florida

Most Recent Answer

By Beth [5]05/01/2007

If you want a more exciting way to do it, try the method my dad and I always did- Pour diesel fuel into the hole, then light it with a *long* stick. It's not explosive, but you will have a smaller version of the Eternal Flame in your yard for a while, depending on how much fuel you use. The paper nest soaks up the diesel and burns slowly. I wouldn't recommend actual gasoline, though. That's just silly.

Question: Getting Rid of Yellow Jackets in the House

How do I get rid of yellow jackets that have come into my house with this cold weather? I think they got into my garage wall and there was one nest in my gutter. Will they eventually die or should I call an exterminator?

By Arlene

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/25/2014

If you know they have taken up residence in your wall, and you can see where they go in and out, you could try spraying them with a good insecticide. Get one that is made for these particular insects. I use a spray foam one. There are several good brands, and you don't need to get too close as they spray a long way. I deal with hornets' nests this way. If you do it after dark, when they are in their nest, you run little risk of getting stung. I have never been stung doing this.

Question: Getting Rid of Yellowjackets in the Attic

I have yellow jackets going into the eaves of my house. I believe they are in several areas but in one spot in particular. I sprayed the entrance with wasp spray and now they are coming into my house. I think they may be in my attic and coming through the light fixtures. I find several (5 to 6) per day inside and have been stung.

I had the same problem 2 summers ago and had an exterminator come and treat the areas they were getting in. I didn't see much activity last summer, but now they are back in force. Is there some sort of bomb I can use to kill the nest in the attic so they won't come into my house?

By Lin A.

Solutions: Getting Rid of Yellow Jackets in Your House

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