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Use a Can for Filling Freezer Bags

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I just made a discovery and have got to share it. I have been wishing for a gadget to hold my Zip Lock Freezer Bag open while I fill it. I thought about the tin can and went to my recycling bin and pulled out a 28 oz. Hunt's Tomato can.

I cut the bottom out, washed it good and gave it a try. It works great and makes putting stuff in the bag much easier. It fits perfectly down into the quart size bag and can be used on the gallon size bag also. This can will go in my utility drawer now.

By Betty from NC


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By Litter Gitter [114]01/22/2012

Thanks everybody. I hope you enjoy your can as much as I have enjoyed mine.

By Minnie Jacobs01/22/2012

Thank you so very much for this tip. I will certainly try this. It beats trying to hold onto the bag,and spilling the contents everywhere. Weezy

By Babette [35]01/20/2012

Put your bag on the inside of the can this way you're not contaminating the bag just in case you didn't get all the food off of the outside of the can and I use 1 of the restaurant size cans with the bottom cut out also.
The do make a bag holder it's made out of plastic, it has a 4 in. round base with two extendible plastic arms that stickup with something similar to clothespins on the top to hold the bag open this works very well also.

By tricia minter [11]01/20/2012

This is a great and easy way to load the plastic baggies. However, with all the information on BPA being in our bodies at higher strengths than previously believed, I am not buying anything in cans at this time.

My hope is for people to stop buying in cans, which will force food companies to use glass or find a safer liner for the cans. I have been buying frozen or fresh when possible. With all the toxins in our world today, I find myself making small changes as much as I can. I do believe our food supply plays a very large part in all the illnesses and disease we see all around us.

By Joyce Lambert [27]01/20/2012

Have to add my "thank-you". What a great idea!! And what a great community to belong to, can usually find an answer to most anything relevant to a "Thrifty" household.

By Mary Pardue [9]01/20/2012

Well, if this isn't a real "DUH" moment for me! Betty, thank you so much for the smack upside my head. Evidently I needed it. What a great idea!

By Robyn Fed [388]01/20/2012

I really like this, even though there are no leftovers most of the time, I am going to use this when I use bags for storage! Thank you so much!


By Sherri [6]01/20/2012

Hi, great idea! Thank you for sharing. I will use your idea. Thank you again.

By Litter Gitter [114]07/09/2010

Preparing corn for freezing is a messy job. I enjoy putting up butter beans much better.

RE: Use a Can for Filling Freezer Bags

By Litter Gitter [114]07/05/2010

It's corn freezing time again and they say a picture is worth a thousand words so I'm sharing a picture of how the can works for filling a zip lock bag.

This size can does not hold quite a quart so when the can gets full, I just raise it up a little so I can get the rest of the corn into the can. Then with both hands, I grab the can with the bag and give it a lift up letting the corn fall neatly into the bag leaving the top and sides of the bag clean.

I love this can and use it a lot when pouring stuff into a zip lock bag.

Betty from NC

RE: Use a Can for Filling Freezer Bags

By Litter Gitter [114]07/08/2009

I used the tin can, with top and bottom lid removed, when freezing corn. It made it so much easier to put the corn into the zip lock bag.

By Pat [3]09/24/2008

Thanks for sharing this idea. I have tried putting the bag into something else with the top turned over like mentioned above, but the bag seems to always want to shift when you fill it. This will be much easier. Pat in Michigan

By Trish Mastriano [1]09/24/2008

My mom always says, "Necessity is the mother of invention." And this is proof of it :-) Thank God my mom taught me how to think out of the box like this.

Thanks for the tip! I can sure use this when filling my vacuum sealer bags.

Have a great day!
Trish in CT

By Cariboo Lady (Guest Post)09/23/2008

I have found that using a container approximately the same size as the bag to sit it into with the rim turned over makes it easy to fill and the rim doesn't get dirty either.

By QTMB (Guest Post)09/23/2008

Thank you for the idea! So much more reliable than what I've been using to keep bags open! (my husband!)

By Savings Assistant [9]09/23/2008

My mom used to do this and you just made me remember!

Thanks for the post.


What a great idea! Thanks for sharing:)

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