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Painting Bathroom With Almond Fixtures

I have an almond colored bath surround, tub, and sink. What shade or hue of blue will look good with this?

By Roz from Victoria, BC

Recent Answers

By B.01/28/2010


By Carol Swanson [17]01/28/2010

Because almond is a neutral, any shade will work with it including any shade of blue. My personal first choice would be a light aquamarine or turquoise, because I think its cheerful.

By Cindy Kosloski [1]01/28/2010

Since you didn't say the size of the bathroom, it really hard to say what color will look good with this, If you you have a small room, use a light color, as a baby blue, or a light green, it the bathroom is large you can go with a bolder color.

By kathleen williams [23]01/25/2010

Sky blue should go good with it, good luck.

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