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Keeping Buns Warm in a Crockpot


How do you keep buns warm in a crockpot? Do you have to warm them first? Or do they warm well in the crockpot? And how long should you give them to heat up? Should you line the crockpot with a towel and dampen it? This is for a potluck where I need to heat them first at home and keep them warm, hopefully.




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By KL 3 554 11/15/2008 Flag

Hmmm. I had never thought of using a crock pot to warm/heat rolls before.

We have an old electric bun warmer/steamer from the '70s. I just used it the other day and for the first time noticed it had a small hole in the top in the middle of the handle. It is to let off excess steam so they don't get soggy. Maybe if you scrunched a small piece of foil to use to keep the lid ajar a tiny bit? Just guessing. Perhaps someone else has more insight. :-)

I would do a test run or two with some buns for dinner in advance to see how it works and how long it takes. When I do mine in the steamer I do them fresh sometimes and put them in still frozen sometimes.

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By Barbara (Guest Post) 11/18/2008 Flag

I don't know if it will work but what about a ice chest, put some heated towels in to get it warm and then put the rolls in straight from the oven.

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By Laura Meller 6 40 11/19/2008 Flag

If you have use of a micowave, try this.Wet a paper bag put buns in, heat for 20 sec.You can use wet hand towels to,the same way. Good Luck

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By Harlean 141 426 11/20/2008 Flag

I did this last year for Thanksgiving dinner with my homemade crescent rolls. I baked them a couple days ahead of time. Then put a damp fingertip towel in the slow cooker, and a dry paper towel on top of the damp towel, arranged my rolls, covered all with another towel, a dry one. The only mistake I made was to set the heat on"warm" instead of "low". I have a pretty hot crock pot. It simmers hard on warm, and it scorched my towel and the rolls that were on the bottom, but the rest of them were perfect. So this should work for you very well, but just use the "Low" setting instead of the "Warm". I don't like to warm them in the microwave because if you leave them a little too long, they turn tough.
Harlean from Arkansas

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By eve 18 136 08/09/2009 Flag

I like the idea of warming buns in a crock pot. Another idea is to use one of those casserole dishes that comes with the warming pad. You know, the kind that looks like a brief case and zips up.

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