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17th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Blue letter blocks spelling out happy birthday.

Planning a birthday party is fun and often challenging. The older the child gets, it seems, the more creativity we need to employ. A 17th birthday is significant as the last one before reaching the milestone 18th birthday. This is a guide about 17th birthday party ideas for girls.



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Question: Slumber Party Ideas for 17th Birthday

I just turned 17 Monday October 8th and I have no idea what I can do to keep my friends entertained. I'm having a slumber party with my best friend and cousin, but I have no idea what I can do to keep them from being bored.
P.S. Please don't say any kiddy things because I'm 17 not 6... :)

By desrial20


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By felicity12301/01/2015

Don't worry about people being bored especially if there's just two of you! I mean you should just be able to chat.

Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

I am turning 17 on October 25th and I have no idea what to do for a party. I don't want anything too expensive, but I have an unlimited budget. Ideas? The party will be boys/girls and the age range is from 16 to 20.

By Leah


Most Recent Answer

By Toyin O.10/13/2014

Omg that's my birthday too, wow so amazing. Here are few ideas I had of my own:
1. Go skating( good ole skating just brings everyone together, you get to watch your friends and family fall and dance and eat and just enjoy themselves)
2. Bowling
3. Go eat out at favourite restaurant(it's that one special day to eat whatever you like and also it will give you and friends to communicate and enjoy yourselves)
4. Throw a party(you can invite how ever many people you want and u can manage your own budget since it'd your party)
5. Go to Dave and Busters( perfect place to show your fun side and win awesome prizes, also perfect to compete and have fun with friends)
6. Go to movies ( perfect opportunity to catch up on new movies, and also hang with friends)
8. Go shopping( you'll never get too old for clothes)
You can do all these with friends and under a cheap budget

Question: Decorating A Surprise Party For My 17 Year Old Friend

Hey guys, I'm planning a surprise party for my friends 17th birthday. It's going to be at her house and I know who is coming. Do you have any ideas as to how I could decorate her house? I was thinking streamers in her room but I also wanted to do stuff to the rest of her house! Thanks a bunch!

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By Kristine (Guest Post)02/16/2009

I'm actually doing a surprise party for my friend end of this month, too. Well about the decorating, you don't want to spend alot of money on decorations, so go to the Dollar Store, preferable Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree has some really nice decorations. Simply make sure that you have a lot of balloons hanging around so it will make her feel like it's actually a birthday.

Make sure you get her a pretty birthday cake, it's not a birthday if you don't have a a cake and candles, you have to make her feel special. Play some fun games with her, you have to make sure that all the attention is on her, because this is her big day, her birthday. Of course you want her to remember this day forever.

Also, another great idea, go to Michaels or Joanns, whichever, and buy a picture frame, with room around the picture slot for sigings. Have all the people who came to the party sign that frame, and insert a picture from the party so she won't ever forget this big day!! Good luck and best wishes. -Kristine K.

Question: Friend's 17th Birthday Suprise Party

I would like to throw a birthday party for one of my best friends. Her birthday is December 20th and she will be turning 17. That automatically rules out a cook out which was what I was wanting to do. It will be a surprise party. My parents are pastors of a church and they told me we could use the church for her party, and I'm happy about that so we don't have to rent somewhere. But I need some ideas as far as themes and decorations and what to do. Please help. Any advice would be very helpful to me! Also keep in mind I am on a very tight budget for this.

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By hnnybauny (Guest Post)09/19/2008

talofa..nice ideas for bday party..

I'm liking for ideas for my best friend's 17th birthday.

Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

Hey, I am a 17 year old girl. My birthday is on December 23rd. This has made it almost impossible to have a birthday. I have never had a birthday party before and have no idea what to do. Last year, on my sweet 16, I was all alone and sad. Please help me. I do not want to have another awful birthday. Thanks.

By CourtLynn

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By Carol Swanson [35]12/26/2012

My birthday is Dec 26th. I have never felt deprived because of having this day for a birthday. I never had to go to school and usually I could get time off from work after I entered the workforce.

When I was a child, my parents used to have a party for me in the spring! I clearly remember a May Day Party with the centerpiece of girls dancing around the Maypole. I think at your age an April Fool's Day party might be fun!

When I was 26 I met a woman who was 17 years older than I was. She taught me many things. One thing was to always buy myself a gift. She said to buy myself something for birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, etc. That is the only way to ensure you get what you wanted!

You are in charge of your own happiness. So get busy and make some fun for yourself. I think I'd schedule a Christmas/birthday party for myself if I were you. It might include shopping or movies... You can only be limited by your imagination!

Best of luck always!
Carol in PA

Question: Ideas For My 17th Birthday

What do I do for my 17th and 18th birthday?

By shade from New York, NY

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By Meggiescool08/30/2013

17th hav a massive party maybe theme it.

Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

I'm turning 17 on June 27 and my mom decided it would be totally OK if she were to host a baby shower on the same day. A baby shower that she is not going to be here for.
I am sad and angry, but the baby shower is for someone I love a lot. I have no idea what to do. And if my mom is not going to be here for the baby shower that means she won't be here for my birthday. Do I talk to her about it or just leave it be?

    By onna_bry [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Abigail A. [10]05/11/2015

    I can see why you'd be upset. Your mom didn't even talk with you about this or whether or not you thought it was okay. Certainly someone else could have hosted the baby shower, or she could have chosen a different day.

    The important thing is that you talk to your mother about this and how it made you feel.

    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

    My birthday is on March 16th and I don't know what I want to do for my birthday. Any ideas?

    By Rae'Ven H

    Most Recent Answer

    By adrianneboyce199802/28/2015

    Hey, Ill be turning 17 in March too I think what you should try is get all your friends together for your special day and either get a hotel room rent movies, dance and have fun. Or go to Dave and Buster's (I think that's what its called), and go dance play games, and then go to your favorite restaurant.

    But whatever you decide I hope you hace a great time.
    From Adrianna

    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

    I turn 17 in November 2015. This my first time planning a party. I don't know what drinks I should give out, since most of my friends are drinkers. I wanted to hand out soda, but I'm stuck on this one; please help.

    By Katelynn

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [6]01/28/2015

    I like the idea of mock cocktails. That is kind of nifty. Do NOT feel that alcohol is necessary, since all of you are clearly underage. There are many very nice sparkling fruit juices that are interesting. That is what I serve when I invite over adult friends who do not drink actual wine or spirits. I would also have a variety of sodas available. There is absolutely nothing wrong with serving that. My eldest son, who, on his grad had the choice of a safe grad (with alcohol) or a chem free (dry) grad party, chose the chem free one, because he said the chem free parties were way more fun (and much cheaper, besides).

    Question: 17th Birthday Suggestions

    My birthday date is already set and I had an idea for laser tag but I didn't realize how expensive it was. I thought about roller blading, but going around in circles over and over again gets boring. I want to do cosmic bowling, but I also want to do something else. I want an all day kind of party, but I'm dry on non expensive ideas.

    By Jennifer F.

    Most Recent Answer

    By flowerpen606/01/2014

    It sounds like you love activities, so why don't you take some of your friends to a local mountain for a hike. Bring some fun snacks/ lunch and enjoy each others company. Have cake and presents at your house afterwards.

    Question: Ideas For a 17th Birthday With Skateboarding Theme

    I'm turning 17 in November and I want to have a really cool party, I love skateboarding so I want it to revolve around that. I need some ideas on what to do for my 17th, if you have any let me know?

    Most Recent Answer

    By Jasmine (Guest Post)01/03/2008

    im turning 14 and im having a skateboarding theme for mine. my friends and i are going to buy some cheap boards and buy lots of spray paint and we are going to decorate them and keep them as a gift we are also going to a skate park and have the party there.

    Question: 17 Birthday Party Ideas

    My birthday is in October and I was thinking of doing a bonfire, but if you guys have any other ideas that will help me have a better birthday please let me know.

      By _ashcruz [2]

      Most Recent Answer

      By Donna [280]04/28/2015

      Two of my children were born in Oct so we always had fun parties...
      We've created haunted houses,held costume parties, visited a cornfield maze, pumpkin decorating contest/parties (and gave the finished pumpkins to our library to raffle off to earn them some money), had haunted scavenger hunts on our property at night with flashlights and even a fun grand costume/fall event at a hall with everyone dressing as their favorite character in a book or show/movie. We even had some trampolines and fun houses at one big bash!
      I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

      Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

      Tomorrow is my birthday and I've planned on celebrating it with my family until afternoon and then at around 7pm, until about midnight, there are gonna be some friends coming over. I actually planned on having a bonfire, but it might rain tomorrow so I need ideas for before it gets dark and in case it's raining and we can't have a bonfire. I need some ideas to keep them entertained during the party, before the bonfire and in case we can't have the bonfire at all. We have a whirlpool, but it's only for 4 people (and there are going to be 6 all in all) and we also have a soccer table, a big TV (although I don't wanna watch movies all the time) or maybe chocolate fondue. But I don't know if that stuff would be too boring. I would really appreciate some more ideas!

        By topkek [1]

        Most Recent Answer

        By Donna [280]04/25/2015

        Since it's pretty late I'd suggest cool box games. Cranium is a fun one that offers an assortment of different things to do that gets folks laughing! If your friends are brave enough, lip singing to their favorite songs is another idea.

        Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

        I want to invite my friends to go somewhere to eat on my birthday. I don't know what is the 5 star restaurant, so do you know what is the best restaurant in Rickmanworth for a 17th birthday?

        By Harriet S.

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [6]04/11/2015

        I don't know any restaurants in your area, but I will tell you that 17 year olds do not want to go to a 5 star restaurant. Most 17 year olds would not appreciate the food that is served in such places. An upscale family chain would be a much better choice.

        Here we have places such as Red Lobster, Boston Pizza, and Earl's that are upscale but serve food that teenagers appreciate. You also want to pick a place that your guests will enjoy. I have taken adults to places with lovely menus, and they couldn't find anything to eat because the restaurant didn't serve chicken fingers!

        Lunch is often a more affordable option than dinner, as well. If you let the restaurant know it is your birthday, they usually will do some sort of happy birthday song and dessert for the birthday person.

        Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

        I will be 17 in June. I need birthday party ideas? I have done everything I can think of, movies, bonfires, luau, masquerade, swimming, sleepover, 70s and more. I have a very huge family and quite a few friends who come. Most parties are usually 100-150 people with their ages ranging anywhere from 4-60 years old. It's so hard to find ideas to where it's fun, but not based around just teenagers. Help?

        By Halley

        Most Recent Answer

        By Rose Anne Hutchence [5]04/01/2015

        How fun, Halley, to have such a diverse group celebrating your birthday! I was lucky to grow up with a similar mix. The one thing that draws everyone together is, of course, food, but before (or after) eating, why not arrange different games for different ages? Tag and hide-and-seek, kick the can, frisbee for younger, more energetic types? Cards, backgammon, cribbage for those who prefer to be a bit more sedentary? That said, we used to love to organize teams and play slow-pitch (baseball) with various older folk filling in to coach and referree.

        Does your crowd contain any musicians? With that many people, think of the jam session you could have!

        I hope these ideas help, and I hope you have an excellent birthday.

        Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

        I have no clue what to do for my 17 birthday.

        By Lacy T.

        Most Recent Answer

        By JaTarra [1]02/05/2015

        Maybe go laser tagging or paint balling?

        Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

        I'm turning 17 on February 28th. I don't know what to do for my birthday. I need something that will entertain my friends and boyfriend, he gets bored easily. I was thinking of having a bonfire.

        By Rhi Rhi

        Most Recent Answer

        By Cassandra9801/23/2015

        Oh My! I have the same birthday too! You can have a hotel sleepover party?

        Question: 17th Birthday Lunch Suggestions

        I'm having my 17th birthday in a few months and I'm going out for lunch. How do I keep my friends entertained while we're there?
        I know we can talk, but I don't think we'd be talking for the full 2 1/2 hours.
        Please any comments are greatly appreciated.

        By Ashleigh

        Most Recent Answer

        By Dinah Ackerson [4]01/19/2015

        You do not provide any information about: the size and type of restaurant in which you will have lunch, the number of guests, and the size of the area, etc. Without this information, it is difficult to recommend activities. Except, of course, 2.5 hours on phones.

        Your friends and you can play games, the old fashioned way, with cardboard and spinners such Monopoly, Trivia etc.

        Question: Ideas for a 17th Birthday Party

        I'm turning 17 on February 1st 2015. I don't want to spend too much money. I don't have a budget either. I want to have fun with my friends. I'm not planning on inviting too many people. I just need some ideas on what to do for my birthday. I have less than a month to plan. Help!

        By Jammie M.

        Most Recent Answer

        By Rhi Rhi [1]01/21/2015

        I'm struggling for my 17th too. My 17th is February 28th. I'm thinking of having a bonfire. It's easy and cheap. Also you get to camp outside for the night which is pretty fun. You also can invite a lot of friends.

        Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

        So it's my birthday very soon. I left it too last minute as it is at the end of January. I am looking for something to do other than a crazy house party for between 5 and 10 people aged 16. I need it to be low budget and nothing too big for the amount of people or too childish.

        By Abigail

        Most Recent Answer

        By felicity12301/01/2015

        What I did was me and a few friends I think it was about 8 of us all went to this beautiful tea shop and had afternoon tea the. Came back to mine for a sleepover. Food is always a must and if you're just having people round to make it cheap bring films and food and then have music or a wii game. And just let people chat and have a good gossip, this always works for me.

        Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

        Okay I'm turning 17 on March 25th of next year 2015. I know it's a bit to early to be planning my birthday, but all of my past birthdays have not gone so well! All of my party guests were all so bored, they wanted to leave early, and they wanted a lot more food than what was given to them. I wasn't a really good party host, but because I had no idea what to do. Please help me! We're on the budget and it can't be anything too expensive.

        I was thinking about going to the beach with some friends and maybe stay at a hotel there, but it's too expensive. I know I should start saving up now for my birthday maybe I'll have enough then, but it's complicated right now so that's out of the question. I just really want to do something really fun with my friends, but I don't want it to be too expensive.

        By Alouette

        Most Recent Answer

        By angela12/08/2014

        Why not ask everyone to bring one item of food, you can still provide the rest, but there should be enough then for everyone.

        Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

        I am turning 17 on December 6th and I haven't had a birthday party since I was a little kid. I live in a really small town with nothing to do for kids my age and I'm not wanting to travel anywhere because the closest place to do anything is around 4 hours. I want something unforgettable; I love to dance. I work part-time somedays after school and will be paying for all of this myself.

        By Lexi W.

        Most Recent Answer

        By katelynnmyers123 [1]02/12/2015

        Have party at your house with pizza snacks and drinks of course have music playing and just chill with your friends goofing off with each other

        Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

        I'm turning 17 on November 27. It falls on Thanksgiving Day this year and I have no idea what to do for my birthday. I don't want a party, I want to go out, nothing too expensive, but a lot of fun. What should I do?

        By Ti'Anna

        Most Recent Answer

        By Donna [280]10/30/2014

        Tough one since many families will want to be together that day. What about using the spirit of thanksgiving and asking friends to join you either by working at a soup kitchen or by making and bringing a dozen cupcakes each to one?

        Other ideas still in the spirit of being thankful (for Thanksgiving and your birthday) could be to go to a park that has evergreens and collect them, spread peanut butter on them, then roll them in seeds and hang them around the park for the birds.
        I promise you won't Forget that special birthday!

        Question: 17th Birthday

        I'm like really preppy and I love to have fun. I'm turning 17 on May 25th and I really don't know what I want to do for my birthday party. Please help!

        By Tiara J.

        Most Recent Answer

        By bonnie_gillan04/15/2014

        Hi I would suggest a costume party I am turning 17 soon too and am going to have a costume party. They can be fun and the great thing about this is that you can still have a themed party for example a 1920's themed party. Hope you have a fantastic party. :)

        Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

        I'm turning 17 on April 15, and having my party on April 19. I'm wanting the theme to be an all minions theme. I'm only having about 5-7 people come and I'm on a low budget. Please please help me ASAP! Thank you.

        By Madison

        Most Recent Answer

        By bonnie_gillan04/15/2014

        Hi Madison, minion parties are really low budget and easy to produce. My sister recently went as one to her year 12 dress up day. She made blue and yellow jelly cups as we'll as some jelly babies. You could also make a cake out of blue and yellow icing start of with a circle and create two smaller circles for the glasses and the rest can be easily decorated :) I hope that helps you out.

        Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

        I was looking for some ideas for my 17th birthday party. I live in Portugal, in a small town, so big parties with cool themes are out of my options. I was thinking about inviting some friends, probably just girls, but I want to do something different than just go to the movies or have a sleepover. If I do it that way, my boyfriend wouldn't be there, it would be boring for him. So, I could invite those girls and some other friends (boys and girls) from school and we can just choose some place to hang out or go to movies (but, here's the problem, same old tradition again). What advices or ideas could you give me? Thank you!

        By Caroliina

        Most Recent Answer

        By heatherelisabeth9711/12/2013

        Good idea

        Question: 17th Birthday Party ideas

        I'm turning 17 in February. I know it's a while away, but I can never come up with any ideas in time. Anyways I want to rent out a party bus and dress really fancy, but I don't know where I would go. I want it to be something different and creative. Please help me out with ideas. I want this to be something I will never forget.

        By Tara M.

        Most Recent Answer

        By redhatterb [1]09/23/2013

        Do you have any idea what it will cost to rent a party bus? Unless your family is really well to do you probably can't afford it. You might be better off sticking to teenage ideas.

        Question: Ideas for Girl's 17th Birthday

        I'm turning 17 on October 24th and I'd like to have some sort of party. I didn't really do anything for my 15th or 16th birthday and I'd like to do something this year. I don't have a big budget at all, it's just my mom and I so we can't really afford something extravagant. She works part time as a CNA and is in college for an LPN, so money is tight. I'm a very girly girl, also a huge Taylor Swift fan for 8 years so I'm pretty devoted! I would like to have a spa day, but it couldn't be something that is expensive and pretty much all salons are expensive. Does anyone have any ideas? Please!

        By Mariegrace

        Most Recent Answer

        By Stacy [2]09/23/2013

        Why not have a Spa Party at your house?

        You can buy a bunch of nail polishes (and nail files/decals/polish remover/etc.), some nice-smelling lotions, and cheap ingredients for facials & pedicure scrubs.

        Watch a quick YouTube video on how to *properly* give a facial and/or pedicure & then take turns giving them to give eachother while gossiping and eating.

        Speaking of eating, you can serve a *bunch* of various appetizers instead of a "meal" ~ or go with tried-and-true pizza.

        Whatever you do, Have **Fun**! :-D

        Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

        My 17th birthday is in the beginning of December and I want to have an Alice in Wonderland theme, but I'm not sure how it will work since it's not nice outside.

        By Alanna B

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [6]08/14/2013

        I saw a TV show with a party with this theme. The guests all dressed up as characters from the book. They played croquet (although you couldn't do that outside, I suppose, but maybe you could figure out how to do it inside. ) The foods were labeled with signs that said "Eat me" and "Drink me". You could make cookies that were shaped like mushrooms or something else from the book.

        At the Mad Hatter's tea party, they all kept moving down one place, so the Hatter could get a clean plate. That reminds me of musical chairs, so maybe you could have some sort of game where a timer goes off and everyone has to switch seats, and ? well - something fun happens. Maybe the person without the seat has to do something - sort of like Truth or Dare. You could use giant paper flowers for decorations. Just about any odd thing would do, as it is all about being zany and out of this world fantasy. Reread the book or watch the movie for ideas.

        Question: Inexpensive 17th Birthday Party Ideas

        I'm 17 on 8th September. I have been given the choice of a party for my birthday or driving lessons and I really can't chose which one! I would love to be able to do both, but how can I do a party for about 35 people on the cheap?
        Please help, thank you!

        By April

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [6]08/14/2013

        Go for the driving lessons. Maybe you could organize some sort of outing where everyone pays their own way, like mini-golf or something, and then just serve cake and ice cream and drinks in a park. Not all parties have to be extravaganzas.

        Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

        I want to do something for my 17th birthday that hasn't really been done before? I don't want to have a party and it has to be something that isn't going to cost much. Something that is going to be fun and boys and girls can both do.

        By Chelsea G.

        Most Recent Answer

        By Dena Roberts [35]08/02/2013

        You could try a "scavenger hunt". Make lists of things for people to find and give prizes. You could have teams or couples. Did this with a high school group. They loved it and want another one! I had 1 mystery item and left clues numbered 1 to 15 to find the mystery item. They had to find the clues in order to find the next clue. This was an added bonus along with the listed items.

        We had fun stuff on the list like: a hair from the head of a stranger, along with a signature stating they gave the person a hair; a "take-out menu" from a certain type of restaurant (give everyone a different type of restaurant) with an employee's name on it, etc. Make the items hard, but not impossible, and have a time limit. We had a great time...lots of laughs!

        Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

        My 17th birthday is in a few weeks and I am still stuck on what to do. I have a few ideas, but none are jumping up at me saying "pick me! pick me!". So I'll tell them to you. I would like your comments and some more ideas of your own (I'm a girl btw).

        1. Have a boys and girls party at my house, where everyone comes over for food and bonfire with maybe a movie or xbox kinect.

        2. I invite girls and boys, or just girls, to dinner then a movie and walk around town.

        3. I just have my 6 girl friends over for a slumber party, making our own sundaes and popcorn, while watching movies.

        4. Stay the night with my bestie in a hotel room and we go watch a movie. Then in the morning we go to the markets.

        5. Have a bunch of people, boys and girls, meet out for lunch and go hang out around town or something.

        See what I mean? Too many ideas, but I feel none of them are really unique and exciting enough. Please help!

        By Chelcie P

        Most Recent Answer

        By Briana C.06/20/2013

        Well I'm Turning 17 in less than a month and the hotel idea sounds good but have more people come instead of you and just one friend. Maybe have boys and girls and if the hotel has a pool, go to the pool. Have drinks pizza music and you guys can all chill out.

        Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

        I'm turning 17 on March 17th, and I have no idea of what to do! I want to do something that I will remember for the rest of my life. I was thinking of just doing a huge party, but I don't know. I need answers. :) thanks guys

        By Katelynn

        Most Recent Answer

        By dirtyred64 [1]02/11/2013

        Hi Katelynn
        Below are a couple of things that I did for my son for his birthday!

        1. If there is a Skating Rink in your area, you can rent out the skating rink and have a "Themed Skate Party" and have everyone to dress up according to your theme or they can just dress up, come to skate, and have fun! Invite all of your closet friends at school "by Invitation Only" and let them bring one guest and have a ball! Most skating rinks have skates, drinks, and food included in the price of the skating rink rental; anything outside of your paid rental, your guest will have to foot their own bills!

        2. Another option would be an (Invitation Only) "Hotel Overnight Sleepover Party! Rent out (2) Hotel Suites (1 boys/1 girls) at a really nice hotel in your area and invite 6-12 of your closet friends!! Buy lots of cups, chips, & sodas, order lots of pizza's, bring some movies / a DVD Player, and sleeping bags, and have fun!
        If the hotel has an indoor pool, ask everyone to bring their swim attire with them too!

        *Be sure to have a 2-3 older cousins and or trusted family friends on hand to make sure that everyone is accounted for "At All Times" especially while in the pool area and also to make sure that no "hanky panky" goes on between the boys and the girls at the sleepover! :)

        Good luck and have fun on whatever you decide to do for your birthday and don't forget video the event and to take lots of pictures too!:)

        Question: Ideas for Games and Activities at 17th Birthday Party

        I'm having a 17th birthday party in like 2 weeks. We've rented a place and I'm inviting a lot of people both boys and girls. Of course there is gonna be snacks and music and dancing, but I need some game ideas or something we could all do so that people don't get bored or think my party is lame.

        By Alexandra

        Most Recent Answer

        By heatherelisabeth9711/12/2013

        I would play girl party games, and eat pizza and donuts.

        Question: 17th Birthday Party Theme

        My birthday party will be on August 31st and I want to do a different one. My sister and I thought that the dress code could be black and white, but we need a theme to decorate the space (it will outside) and things like that. I wanted something related to royalty, but I don't know what. I will invite boys and girls.

        By Di A

        Most Recent Answer

        By hiphophood [1]07/30/2012

        Sounds like you already have a good plan going one. You can do royalty. Have crowns, and British decorations.

        Question: Joint 17th Birthday Party Ideas

        My friend and I are both turning 17 in June this year. We want to do two parties, one for the day time and one at night. We were thinking about a pool party during the day and a lingerie party at night. We want it to be a joint party for both of us. Should we do this?


        Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

        I need ideas for my 17th birthday party. Everything seems too childish, or something my parents wouldn't agree too. Please help.

        By Gracey W

        Most Recent Answer

        By Veronica [10]02/24/2012

        It's tough to answer without more information. What time of year is your party? Will it be inside or outside? What is your budget? How many people are you planning to have? Boys and girls, or just girls? Overnight? If you can answer these questions, maybe we can help more.

        Don't underestimate the "Just Hanging Out" party with good food, good music, and people you like. It doesn't necessarily have to have a theme, especially now that you're getting older.

        Some things you can do:
        * Cook together (make your own pizza or decorate fancy cupcakes)
        * Spa Day (Usually Girls Only parties) There are a lot of good recipes for Make-Your-Own beauty treatments online, and you can give each other makeovers.

        Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

        I will be turning 17 on February 21 and I have no plans of what to do. Please help!

        By Debbora

        Most Recent Answer

        By Vicky [6]01/19/2012

        Debbora, maybe you could check with a local shelter or children's home or with Big Brothers/Sisters to see if a child shares your birth date, or close to. (You might choose someone from the fire or police dept., EMS, or armed services or missionary/family to surprise.)

        Invite friends to come to your home, each bringing a suitable small gift and have a 'birthday wrapping party' for the recipient. Provide yourselves with snacks, even cake & ice cream, balloons & candles; take pictures; have someone do a scrapbook of your event... and you'll have a truly memorable day! I hope this will work for you or give you some different ideas for celebrating your birthday. Blessings (Happy early Birthday!)

        Question: Low Budget Birthday Party Ideas

        I'm turning 17 and I have a low budget, but I want a good fun party. Can anyone help me with the games and stuff? My birthday is on March 1st. Please help!

        By Saniya from Islamabad, Pakistan

        Most Recent Answer

        By Suntydt [75]02/24/2011

        I have no idea how the weather is in your area so I will just mention a few things that came to mind. Set up a water gun battle with your friends. Split up into two teams, designate an out area for people to go once they have been hit. Desgnate the area of play, go to opposite corners and come out fighting.
        Second idea: have a karaoke contest or an air guitar contest. You could even make it an air "band" contest. Split people up and have a volleyball game. Just be creative and have fun.

        Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

        My birthday is the 26th of December and I'm turning 17. What are some things I should do for my birthday that aren't too childish or too expensive? What date do you think would be best in case my friends go away for the Christmas holidays?

          By Natasha-jayne [1]

          AnswerWas this interesting? Yes No

          Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

          I'm turning 17 in March, and would like to plan a birthday party. I am a girl, and I am going to have 4 other girls with me. Any ideas? I'm not super girly, and not sporty at all. I guess if you want/need to know some things about me, I love books, music, and travelling. I am a total geek (LOTR/The Hobbit, Star Wars, Marvel, Supernatural, STUDIO GHIBLI, Disney, etc.). I do like girly things, like manicures and stuff, but I don't really like shopping. My family is middle class, and don't want to spend a whole lot on this party. Thank you!

            By Samich [1]

            Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

            I'm turning 17 on October 7th and I have no clue what to do for my birthday.

              By abbiemonro [1]

              Question: 17th Golden Birthday Ideas

              My golden birthday is 10/17/15, and, as the title says, I'll be 17. I have no idea what to do! My 16th birthday was Halloween themed, but it got confused as a Halloween party only. To put it simply, I cried. Do you have any ideas? I can't afford anything big, and would love to stay with a gold theme somehow.

                By Hannah B [1]

                Question: 17 Birthday Ideas

                My birthday is in October and I need ideas on what to do with my friends?

                  By cruz_ashley008 [1]

                  Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                  I'm turning 17 in October and have no idea on what to do. If someone can give me ideas, please and thank you.

                    By _ashcruz [2]

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    I'm turning 17 on the 4th of October. I have no idea what to do. Do you have any ideas?

                    By Ashley

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    My birthday is on the 6th of May. I wanted to have a party just with my close friends, but I have no idea what to do. Thanks a lot.

                    By Rafaela S. from Switzerland, GR

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    I turn 17 this year and I have been saving money, but I don't know what to do for my birthday.

                    By Katie from Burlington, IA

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    I need to find a theme for my 17th birthday, it's in May. I do not want it to be boring! I do have money to spend on it so I have thought of different options.
                    First, a family party one day so I can see all of them and then a separate one for just me and my friends?
                    Movie and dinner with friends then a family party a different day?
                    One big party and then a sleepover with my friends?
                    One big party and then bonfire with my friends?
                    Dinner and movie with my friends and then one big party?
                    If a party, theme ideas?

                    By BK

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    I am going to be 17 years old over the summer. I want to know what will be a great birthday party for the summer. I don't know what to do. Can someone help me get ideas for my birthday party?

                    By sugerbear from AL

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    I have no idea what to do for my 17th birthday! I need help. I had a 'Sweet 16' last year, but it was a total flop! My birthday is Star Wars Day, May the 4th (be with you) ;)
                    Please help me. I don't know what to do.

                    By starwarschild from South-East London, England

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    What should I do on my 17th birthday? I have done hotel and DJ parties. My birthday is during spring break March 12 A lot of people will be out of town! So what should I do?

                    By Jessica S.

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    I'm having trouble with planning my birthday party. I'm turning 17 on October 20th. For my 16th party I had a get together with my friends and family at the park and this year I want something different. Do you you have any ideas?

                    By Christina T.

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    I am turning 17 soon and don't really know what to have at the party. Most of my friends get bored easily. Please help.

                    By Kately from West Burlington, IA

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    I'm turning 17 in like a week and I have no clue what to do. Help!

                    By Margie W.

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    My birthday is on October 5th and I have no idea on what I should do for my birthday. I usually spend time with my family, but I would like to have some of my friends to hang out and help me celebrate my birthday! I want to invite only a few people between the ages of 16 to 18 and they are boys/girls.

                    By Allie T.

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    My birthday is Jan 1st and its coming up soon. I have no clue what to do. I don't want to go skating cuz I've done that for most my past birthdays. I want to do something not expensive, but something that my friends and boyfriend will have fun with. What should I do?

                    By Chassity from South Carolina

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    I don't have a lot of money, and I don't want to spend a lot of money. I want to do something where I can have my family and friends together. Any ideas?

                    By saie

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    I'm turning 17, on the 15th of December in the summer, and I don't know what to do. There have been 2 parties already this month and 2 more to come within my friend group (of 12 girls and 2 boys) and I would like most of them to come to some sort of gathering. They are expecting my tradition of going to the Chocolate Lounge then a movie, usually the latest Hobbit movie, but with a 45 minute battle scene in the next movie and no other movies, and way more people than last year, I do not want to do that. (The parties being thrown by my friends have been: going out to dinner, then a sleepover and a Disney heroine themed sleepover) I want something fun, and maybe cheap, like a party at my house or go out somewhere.

                    By LillyJay

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    I'm turning 17 in like 2 or 3 weeks and I'll throw a party with my friends, but I still have no idea what I want it to look like. So, I'm open for any suggestions. Since it'll be in November and it's cold the party will be inside. The place is pretty big and I have 20 guests (boys and girls). I don't know what should I do about the decorations and all the stuff. We'll have pizza and a lot of drinks, but I still miss something. I'd like something like those movie-birthday-parties. I want it to be simple, but still cool. Please, help! :)

                    By Alexandra D.

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    I am turning 17 in December and want to do something fun and creative just not sure how to. Someone help!

                    By Ginger G

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    I'm turning 17 on December 18th, but I have no idea what to do. My birthday is right around Christmas time. Everyone will be busy with their families, or away, so I don't know what to do. Maybe either a party and hope people will show up, or just have a fancy dinner with some friends and family.

                    By Alex J.

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    I'm turning 17 on October 5th, and I want to do something fun with my friends; girls and possibly guys too. I want to be remembered for this birthday. Like I want something special and fun, but I'm unable to actually have a party party. Please help.

                    By Emily

                    Question: 17th Birthday Plans

                    I need help planning a 17th birthday get together with my friends. I need some opinions. Please list them. I turn 17 December 31st.

                    By Kinitra

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    I know turning 17 isn't "special", but I never do anything for my birthday. I just want to do something big this year, but I have no ideas. Help?

                    By Holly

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    My birthday is June 6th and I'm turning 17, but I have no idea of what to do. I would like it to be with boys and girls, but I really don't have clue what to do. Please help.

                    By Shannon

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    I need ideas for a party for a 17 year old girl who is out-going and loves music and people.

                    By Krystina

                    Question: Ideas for 17th Birthday

                    I have no ideas I need help!

                    By Montelle

                    Question: 17th Birthday Beach Party Ideas

                    I was thinking of inviting 6 friends (girls only) to my beach house to just hang around there. I can't throw a big party because my house is small, but there are restaurants, tennis courts, and beaches (2) nearby so what would be fun?

                    By Gaby

                    Question: Ideas for My 17th Birthday

                    I'm turning 17 on February 15, just after Valentine's Day. Despite it being after a special, widely celebrated event, I want my 17th to be memorable and special not like any other day. I just don't know what to. I was thinking of going to have dinner with my friends or something, but it's money that's kinda stopping me. I just want my 17th to be great, better than any other birthday I have had.

                    I can't have a party because my parents will not allow it, so therefore I can't book a party place either, nor I can a sleepover. I just want to do something at a low price and super fun with my friends. Help!

                    By Ami from England, greater Manchester

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    I'm turning 17 in May and I want to rent a party bus, but I don't know where I'd take it? Or if I should? I just want a day to remember with close friends. (:


                    By AP

                    Question: 17th Birthday Options

                    I'm turning 17 on the 30th of January and I still don't have any ideas what I could do. My parents have said I can't have a big party this year so I have chosen to have a few friends over for a drink in the night. What could I do through the day? Any ideas would be amazing!

                    By Jade from Wales, Bridgend

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    I need help. I'm turning 17 on the 16th and want to have my party on a Friday or Saturday. I don't know what to do. I haven't had a party in a couple of years and I'm stumped. I would like something fun for girls and boys!

                    By Sara

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    What should I do for my 17th birthday party? It's on February the 26th.

                    By Emma M

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    I turn 17 on the 19th of November, but I have no idea what to do! I have an idea of fancy dress on the weekend after and going ice skating, but I am not sure. I might even go out for a meal with some friends. Please help.

                    By Jodie

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    I need help. My birthday is on New Year's Eve. I wouldn't be stuck if it was my 18th birthday, but it's my 17th. I can't have a house party and I have no money. I don't live with my parents so they can't pay for it, so I have to pay for it.
                    I need help on what I can do. All my birthdays have been rubbish and I need to change that. It will be very cold outside so I need to take weather into consideration.

                    Please help with ideas, I would be very grateful.

                    By Jessica

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    I am turning 17 in February, on the 2nd and have no clue what I wanna do for it. This is my big day and also a big moment in my life so can someone give me some ideas? Gracias amigos. Thanks guys! :)

                    By Camocountrygirl from Randolph County

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    I will be 17 on July 16. I want to be turn up with my friends. What should I do because it is always 100 degrees outside for my birthday?

                    By Briyonna

                    Question: Planning a Surprise 17th Birthday Party

                    I'm planning a surprise party for my sister. It's in December and it will be cold so there are not a lot of activities they can do. Not only that, but my sister's best friend has a peanut allergy and she can die just being around peanuts so it's really hard to find foods that are not around peanuts! Please help me. I need this to be cheap.

                    By Eve S.

                    Question: Joint Seventeenth Birthday Party Theme

                    My best friend and I are having a joint seventeenth party for our birthdays next year. We have already booked the DJ, videographer, and photographers; but I am just wondering if we should have a theme and if we did what type of theme?

                    By Chloe

                    Question: 17th Birthday on a Budget

                    I'm turning 17 on the 4th of October and for my 16th I had a huge party. Since then I have had a falling out with a lot of my friends so I want to do something they won't laugh at, but with only a few people there. I want to do something memorable and fun. However I have a very low budget as I am having driving lessons paid for; so my mum really can't spare much money. I have been advised to go for a meal, but I don't want it to be dull. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

                    By Lucy H.

                    Question: Ideas for 17th Birthday

                    My birthday is coming up October 10 and I don't have a clue what I want to do. I don't want a party because I don't hang with so many people. I want to spend time with my boyfriend and best friend, but I don't know what to do. I need a little help.

                    By Leah

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    Last year I threw a party for my daughter's sweet 16 and it was a disaster. I need a good idea for her 17th birthday. She is a little upset at what happened last year and I don't want that to happen this year. Please help!

                    By Tori M.

                    Question: Planning a 17th Birthday Surprise for Friend

                    I'm really in need of help. I'm having a surprise day with a close friend for her birthday with just me and her, so not like an actual party. I have 600 dollars to spend and don't have the whole night just from day till 8pm night time. I wanna show her a good time that's fun and go out to dinner somewhere, but bottom line it has to be somewhere in Melbourne and something formal. I don't know where. Any ideas will be much appreciated.

                    By Katherine

                    Question: Ideas for My 17th Bday

                    I'm a girl and going to be 17 and I have no idea what to do for my bday. I'm having 10 of my friends sleepover, but I want us to go out and do something fun before hand. Any ideas? I'm up for anything, but nothing too pricey. I'll pay money for something fun, but nothing ridiculously overpriced.

                    By Annie l.

                    Question: Ideas for 17th Birthday

                    I'm turning 17 on Wednesday the 22nd of May and I don't know what to do. I am still in school and we don't get out till next week. I am trying to plan something out for me and a few friends to do that isn't expensive as heck. So can you please respond asap.


                    By Amber M.

                    Question: My 17th Birthday Ideas

                    I will be turning 17 in September. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, so the best thing to do is a pool party, but I have had one almost every year so far. I was thinking of like staying at a hotel with a cool water park or something in that area. Any any ideas will be very much appreciated. Thank you!

                    By Abigail D.

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    My 17th is in a few months and I don't know what to do. I will probably only have about 3 other girls coming so I was thinking of like staying in a hotel. I would really like a cool theme though, not something boring and overdone. Any ideas on themes, decorations, or activities to do?

                    By Miranda

                    Question: 17th Birthday Ideas

                    I'm going to be 17 soon and have no idea what to do. I live in Panama City, Florida which is basically a retirement home except during the spring break season. I really don't want to have to wait until the summer to do my party. Any ideas?

                    By Jessica S.

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Theme and Food Ideas

                    Help! I'm having a 17th birthday party and I want it to be fancy dress, but I want a themed one. I have the venue sorted. I need help with the food and drink also. Please help.

                    By Emily from Bath

                    Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

                    I am turning 17 next month and since I have a winter birthday, that rules out pretty much everything I like. I had a laser tag birthday last year and I am not sure if it is a good idea to have the same thing two years in a row. It will be a party for both boys and girls so I would like to know any great activities that you guys think I can do. (I am up for anything, except make-over parties.)

                    By Kristen D.

                    Solutions: 17th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

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                    Archive: Ideas For My 17th Birthday

                    I am trying to plan my 17th birthday. It's crazily hard! I know who I am inviting but I have NO idea what to do! I live in a small place, not much to do. I didn't have a 16th, so i want to make this my sweet 16! I am stuck, and don't know what to do!


                    Food and Music

                    GREAT MUSIC and plenty of GREAT FOOD! That is what I would build your party around. If you are inviting boys and girls and the weather is right in your area, and you have an appropriate place to do it, a bonfire might be fun. Don't sweat it - your friends will have fun just being around to help you celebrate! Just have some good music ready and maybe ask your friends to bring some of their favorite CDs. I would include tons of great "finger food" - nothing that requires a fork to eat! You could also do cupcakes instead of a regular birthday cake. Just relax and enjoy your Sweet Seventeen! (02/01/2005)

                    By Reba Gayle Shurden

                    Sundae Party

                    My daughter just celebrated her birthday with a "Create your own ice cream sundae" party. We bought two gallons of vanilla ice cream, lots of different toppings, and the girls had fun. You don't have to buy the toppings -- there are plenty of recipes on the net, but we ran out of prep time. They played favorite music and a couple of board games. And of course had birthday cake. I hope you have a good birthday! (02/02/2005)

                    By jlxian

                    Spa Party

                    Try a spa party. Paint each other's nails, put masks on and do up your hair. (02/04/2005)

                    By Amanda

                    Theme Party

                    You might want to check out the party planner template in MS Word on your computer. I say have a luau or a fun theme, whatever you and your friends are into. Like casino night, Goth or Ski party... Have fun! Check out Oriental Traders for props or novelties. (02/17/2005)

                    By rokoco

                    "Live Like Your a Rockstar"

                    For my 16th birthday I had a "Live Like Your a Rockstar" party. Have each of your guests dress as rock stars and bring a CD or DVD of their favorite artist. Then just put the CDs on shuffle and get started. We actually hooked up a mike so we could embarrass ourselves further by singing as the star we were dressed as. We had a blast though and everyone I invited the next year came and their friends asked if they could come too. Good luck and Happy Birthday! (02/23/2005)

                    By Suzanne S.

                    Dinner, Clubbing and a Sleepover

                    You can have your 4 best friends come over and go out to eat, then go out to the club or some fun facility. Then spend the night at your house and watch movies and eat popcorn. (03/24/2005)

                    By BNT

                    Tent Party

                    If you have a big back yard, then you can get all your best buds round and get the old camping tents out and have your very own tent party! Fun even when it's your big 17th! (12/06/2005)

                    By Nikki

                    Musical Chairs

                    I really enjoy getting all my mates round and playing pass the parcel and musical chairs. I did this for my 17th and was thinking about doing this for my 18th but didn't get round to doing it! I really recommend it! Have fun! (12/06/2005)

                    By Holly


                    I think you should go to the cinema to see a really romantic film with all your girlfriends! (12/07/2005)

                    By Alex


                    I'm turning 17 on april 24 and I'm having a decent size party with about 40 people. i have a DJ and that's all that matters. (04/11/2006)

                    By Heather

                    Archive: Ideas For My 17th Birthday

                    I am turning 17 on 2nd May. I have thought about doing go-carting or white water rafting but I can not do anything too expensive as I am saving for a car. Some people suggest going for a meal but lots of my friends do that and I want to do something a bit different. Please help me with any ideas, I will be very grateful.

                    Hannah from Bournemouth

                    RE: Ideas For My 17th Birthday

                    I'd have to go with the virgin drinks and the movie idea. My sons graduation party was like this we made a bar and my hubby was the bar tender and we used the plastic novelty cups i found at thrift stores and it was an all nighter. We chose pizza and finger foods so people could come and go and it was great they all bragged about it. The most important thing is to have fun! (04/20/2007)

                    By Denise

                    RE: Ideas For My 17th Birthday

                    I just rented a hotel suite for my daughters sweet 16 birthday bash. She can invite up to 20 guest for a fun filled day of swimming at the pool and access to the game room. Pizza delivery at 6:00 and sleeping bags for an overnight stay. A suite here cost around $100.00. (of course we have to pay for the pizza) (04/22/2007)

                    By Sharon

                    RE: Ideas For My 17th Birthday

                    How about a bowling or miniature golf party? (05/07/2007)

                    By Claudia-MD

                    RE: Ideas For My 17th Birthday

                    Last year for my sweet sixteen, I had a glow party. Everyone had glow in the dark things on them as well as all the decorations. It was a lot of fun, especially when it came to the glow sticks and glow bouncy balls in the pool at night. Great Virgin drinks were a hit too. Dress them up with garnish and nice plastic glasses for a nice touch. (06/02/2007)

                    By Turning 17 Soon

                    Archive: Friend's 17th Birthday Party

                    My friend's 17th birthday is Feb. 9th. I have no clue what do do for her. We are having a party at her house and her boyfriend will be taking her out for the day. We were thinking about taking a limo to the falls then out to eat but we didn't want to spend too much money because we also wanted to get her a cute gift. Please help! it will be much appreciated! Jessicalynn

                    RE: Friends 17th Birthday Party

                    How about getting her 17 little presents and giving them at intervals throughout the day. Or a book with 17 pages, one for each year of her life, with comments from friends and family. Or a "17" lucky dip. (a barrel with 17 gifts for her to pull out one by one.) A "17" time capsule would be fabulous....with all of your thoughts from the day of her birthday, For my 17th Birthday (a number of years ago!) my friends all made me something themselves from picture frames and collage, to embroidered cushions, and a quirky mobile made from jelly babies! It was brilliant! (01/12/2005)

                    By Julie UK