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Bring Back Thunder Blast Cleaner


Where can I find Thunder Blast? I have used other cleaners, but nothing works like Thunder Blast to remove grease from everything.

By Joyce from Roanoke, VA


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By Beth 5 105 06/17/2010 Flag

I haven't seen Thunder Blast anywhere but I'd like to give another thumbs up to Greased Lightning. Just be sure to use it in a well ventilated place.

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By Gloria Hayes 19 96 06/18/2010 Flag

I always bought Thunder blast from Dollar general, but after trying Greased Lightnin one time, I never went back to Thunder blast. The greased Litnin' is like easy Off oven cleaner in a non-aerosol form, even smells like it, just not all the fumes ! I use it when my stove top has burned on gunk, Corning ware when stuff bakes onto it,etc. But be careful! My little girl tried to mop with it, and left the mop setting in one spot while she did something else for awhile, and when she came back, the oil based paint was peeling up !

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Question: Thund'r Blast Cleaner

Where can I buy Thund'r Blast? I don't like all the others everyone is talking about. Any ideas where I can buy it?

By Mary from Lawrenceburg, TN

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Archive: Bring Back Thunder Blast Cleaner

For those who liked Thunder Blast from the Dollar General. You must send them an E-Mail and tell them you want it back.

Thank You,


RE: Bring Back Thunder Blast Cleaner

Try their Greased Lightning, it is just as good. (03/23/2007)

By Dana in PA

RE: Bring Back Thunder Blast Cleaner

Contact Dollar General by email by going to the website and click on "Our Stores and Customer Service, FAQs" and then look for Contact Customer Service. This is where you can email them. They do not show an email address. (07/14/2007)

By Wanda

RE: Bring Back Thunder Blast Cleaner

Don't believe the post about Greased Lightning. I tried both on cleaning the streak stains on my house gutters. The Thund'r Blast works without having to rub. Just spray it on and wipe the streaks are gone. With Greased Lightning you have to spray and rub several times to get the stains off. Unfortunately I am out of Thund'r Blast. (08/02/2007)

By Leroy

RE: Bring Back Thunder Blast Cleaner

I recently found an alternative product to the popularly used Thunder Blast. The product is purchased at Family Dollar for $3.00 and it's called Awesome. You must dilute with water. I use the strongest dilution directions of two cups Awesome to 2.5 cups water. It also cuts grease, etc. as quickly as Thunder Blast and you get more product for your money. It comes in a 64oz. clear jug and is light yellow liquid. Family Dollar had it sitting on the lower shelf.

By Lorelei

RE: Bring Back Thunder Blast Cleaner

Hi Vikki.

Thank you for your inquiry. Thund'r Blast is being offered in a select number of Dollar General Stores. Unfortunately, the stores that offer Thund'r Blast are not in Cleveland, Ohio. To purchase a case (9 units) from us would cost $35.00 - almost $4.00 a bottle. If you are interested please advise. Again, thank you for your inquiry.

Any questions please call.


Scott Ellis

Manufacturers' Sales Agency, LLC
1820 Raven Hill Court
Knoxville, TN 37922

888-353-3162 (Phone)
866-326-6584 (Fax)

Serving our customers since 1964.
Now, we can get some Thundr'Blast (07/21/2009)

By BinDunB4

Archive: Bring Back Thunder Blast Cleaner

Does anyone know where I can purchase Thunder Blast?

By Teresa from Muncie, IN


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