Removing Shoe Dye From Carpet


I need a way to remove shoe dye from a carpet. Any suggestions? Help, help.

Thank you.

Janice from North Carolina



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By Suzanne Spencer 8 136 10/02/2004

Janice, I've got a husband in the military so I feel for you. If I catch it right away I can get them out with white vinegar and water. 3/4 vinegar and 1/4 water. I hope this helps you.

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By Mai (Guest Post) 08/30/2007

The vinegar works wonders! I was surprised it got out a stain that had set for a few hours and pretty much dried. Thank you so much!

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By Chris (Guest Post) 11/02/2008

Just tried regular rubbing alcohol that you find in the medicine cabinet, (70%), alcohol content. I poured it right on the black stain and blotted with white paper towels. Got out the black shoe dye....yes dye, out in seconds. Come to think of it there is a dye remover wherever you find shoe dye to prep the shoes when dyeing them. That will probably do a nice job as well.

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By Janine 1 09/22/2009

You can try Spot Shot. I once got out hair dye from a carpet with it, but be sure to blot not rub.

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