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Repairing Antique Paper Mache


I have a wonderful, full body paper mache antique chicken. I recently moved and it got broken. Can someone recommend a way to repair it? Thanks in advance.



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By gbk 45 368 03/01/2009 Flag

paper mache especially if antique was water and flour & you can tell if it was shellaced or not if the coat is shiny. If shiny then you will have to shellac it with a spray can. fill in the broken area and if painted before it dries blend the colors with poster paints..Good luck.....

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By (Guest Post) 03/02/2009 Flag

I would make a batch of paper mache, out of acid free white glue and acid free paper, I would use this because it (the acids in newspaper) won't pass into the existing material . Then I would use very small pieces to patch the broken parts, try to match them up as best you can. Smaller pieces are easier to manage, you can use tools too, skewers, ect to poke and ect. one you are happy with your repair, let it dry for a few days and then you can use acrylic craft paint to match the paint already on it , a wash of burnt sienna and water with help match the antique patina , it has to be thoroughly dry though before you add an antique glaze. work in small portions and you should be pleased with the results. You may also be able to find a restoration or local artist to handle the project too. Good luck:)

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