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Freezing Swede (Rutabaga)

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Can you freeze swede (rutabaga)?

By hotpot from Cornwall


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By r.rumsby [4]10/10/2009

Thanks for your help guys from Hotpot

By Barb. Lehto [2]10/09/2009

When we lived in Upper Michigan, we grew rutabagas commercially. I also supplied the grocery stores with recipes for rutabagas. About freezing: I found the best way to freeze them is cut them up and boil them - drain and cool thoroughly and freeze or mash & then freeze. We enjoyed boiling cubed rutabaga & carrots together until soft, mash with a little butter & then put shredded cheddar cheese on top & bake until the cheese melts. Another good & delicious way to enjoy them is to wash & bake the small ones like a baked potato - serve wtih butter & salt, cheese, sour cream, etc. whatever your taste. Putting a metal kabob skewer through the middle of them speeds up the baking time. Rutabagas get sweet if they are left in the ground until after a good stiff frost or two - it really improves the flavor. Our kids would eat them like an apple. Very nutritious!

By julie [6]10/09/2009

If you want to use them up, Can cut up into small cubes and boil with same quantity potatoes, then mash, tastes great.

By kathleen williams [23]10/08/2009

Yes you can. Wash and peel rutabaga. Cut into cubes and blanch for 2-3 minutes. Pack in freezer-safe containers.
Good luck.

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