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How Do You Make New T-shirts Look Vintage?


I read somewhere once that if you had a brand new t-shirt that was a polyester, cotton blend that you could soak it in some kind of salt solution to eat away some of the cotton and make it look more vintage and worn. Does anyone know what that solution is made up of or if anything else works?

Thanks for any help you can offer :)


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By (Guest Post) 06/23/2005

wash it in the washing machine, (small load) with 2 cups of bleach. Then tea dye it. It won't absorb much tea unless it's all cotton. Dry it on a line and stretch out the neck and strech the body of it in a vertical direction. That ought to do it. Don't dry it in the dryer.

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By (Guest Post) 06/30/2005

yeah ive heard if you leave it in the sun while its soaked in water and salt for a couple days that itll get more vintage-y

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By (Guest Post) 07/04/2005

i heard on queer eye for the straight guy (not gay tho) that if you sand paper it a little bit.. not the whole shirt just the image on it... but the other two are good ideas too

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By (Guest Post) 08/31/2005

personally....I just go to garage can find some pretty good stuff there...I just bought a maroon "Penn State University" sweatshirt with 3/4 sleeves...all i did was cut the neck to make it alot was already worn and saling makes it so much easier...

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By (Guest Post) 06/12/2006

go to and type in Vintage T-shirt

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