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Cheapest Time to Run Your Washing Machine


What is the cheapest time to run the washing machine and why?

Tinadunlap from Greenwood, FL



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By Judi 18 938 09/22/2008

It used to be advertised that you should use appliances such as dishwashers, washer, and dryers at night because there was a lighter load on the supplier and they would charge you less for that electricity than when you used those things in peak times. Not sure if all elec. cos. do that or even if the original ones still do but you caould call your elec. co. and ask.

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By Noella 11 381 09/25/2008

The best thing to do is to call your utility company and ask them. After reading some previous posts that there was a difference in charges for when running appliances, I called my electric company. I was told that the charge was the same whether night or day, evening or morning. So sometimes it just doesn't matter. They'll let you know.

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By Beth 25 1,120 09/26/2008

I agree. I hear these advertisements that you should run applicances late at night. But my utility bill isn't broken down by the times I use power. It's just how much power I used.

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By April 187 451 09/26/2008

What you are referring to is "peak load". Rates sometimes are higher during peak load times. Some electric companies have to buy power from other companies to meet the high demand during peak load times. So, they give a break to those who use electric during the "off peak" time.

However, in some areas peak loads are only seasonal--such as when AC is running.

Some electric companies have enough power that they don't have to buy it elsewhere and do not offer it. With wind power coming into play in more rural areas, peak time is starting to fade away.

Check with your company and see what they offer.

Some also offer dicsounts if you are all electric, all gas, or even sell CFL bulbs at a discount. Ours will replace our hotwater heater for FREE, if we sign a 1 year service contract with them on it.

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