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Wind Spinner Patterns Using Canvas


I am looking for wind spinner patterns made from strips of plastic canvas, does anyone know where I can find them? I have looked at some on-line, but they are not quite what I want.

By sancy from MI


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A while back someone posted links to a single whirligig, a double one, and a triple one. I hope one of these is what you are looking for.

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By JFTGoldieNC 1 10/16/2013

If you are still interested in patterns for "Plastic Canvas" "Whirly Gigs", I have several patterns that I would be more than happy to send you via email, or post on "Thrifty Fun" if that is allowed. I have made many of them is the past years as well as my "Hot Air Balloons" that are so pretty also. They are a little more time consuming but the end result is worth all of the time that you spend on making them. I am attaching a picture of a few of my Whirly Gigs as well as the "Hot Air Balloons".

I have become very disabled and am unable to work with my "Crafts" any longer and am getting ready to put an Ad on "Craigs List" to sell alot of Plastic Canvas, 8mm faceted beads that I used for my Whirly Gigs and much more. Just let me know, since there is no date showing for when you posted your question, if I'm too late on being able to help you out.

It seems as if any of my pictures of the Whirly Gigs or Hot Air Balloon, no matter how small I make them - they just will NOT upload for you to be able to see them. I'm sorry but I have tried over and over but I just can't get them to load.
Hope you have a great day! :-)

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: Wind Spinner Patterns Using Canvas and Beads

I am looking for patterns using plastic canvas and beads for wind spinners. Thanks in advance.

Bonnie from Barbourville, KY


RE: Wind Spinner Patterns Using Canvas and Beads

I found a pattern at:

I copied this address right from the instructions. This is for a conch shell twirler made from plastic canvas and beads. Hope this works! (02/18/2008)

By Jane

Archive: Wind Spinner Patterns Using Canvas

I am looking for any and all patterns for plastic canvas wind spinners.

Bonnie from Avilla, MO


RE: Wind Spinner Patterns Using Canvas and Beads

single whirligig

double whirligig

tiple whirligig (05/16/2009)

By Anonymous

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