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Identifying Species of Firewood

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Just got pile of fire wood in log form delivered. How do I tell whether or not it is pine?

By sanemom4 from North Kingstown, RI


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By shirley dobie [4]09/22/2010

I'm wondering why you want pine in the first place. It burns very hot and coats the chimney because if the pitch. Be sure to clean often if you use it. Pine has a ditinctive pine scent you would recognize, and very rough bark.

By Louise B. [5]09/22/2010

Whoever you bought the firewood from should be able to tell you what kind of wood it is. The bark of trees is very distinctive, and so if you Google pine, you should be able to tell from the pictures. Also, pine has a quite distinctive smell of, well, pine. It is somewhat of a turpentiney smell.


I can't help but wonder why you want to know but here's a think of a few photos showing pine firewood: ... tle&resnum=1&ved=0CCYQsAQwAA

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