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Removing Dried Paint From Wood Floors

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How do you get dried paint dripping off hardwood floors?

Mary from Perryville, MO



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By Cheryl Waldrop03/08/2008

There's another cleaner called Goop Off that will take the paint off. It has a huge variety of uses, and it's really inexpensive too.

By Betsy (Guest Post)01/28/2008

For paint spots on finished wood floors, use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. You must work at it a little but it won't take the finish off the wood - only the paint.

By sandy [77]01/03/2008

Very easy. Steel wool. I don't know if a certain weight or grit is better, but we always had a bag of it and when we would paint just take it and it files it off. It leaves no marks just the pretty wood.


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Archive: Removing Dried Paint From Wood Floors

How do you remove dried up paint off a wooden floor. We recently bought a home and took up the carpet. The floor is not bad except for some dried paint which we cannot get off.

Kate from Boothwyn, PA

Removing Dried Paint From Wood Floors

Hi - there's a cleaner that painters use called Krud Kutter. It's available at Home Depot and it's a great cleaner for other things as well. Manitoba Annie (12/06/2005)

By annie

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