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Vinegar and Water for an Ear Infection

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What is the ratio of water to vinegar mix to treat for ear infection?

By Bryan from Norman, OK


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By Monique M.01/10/2013

Although hearing loss is genetic in my family. I have lost 95% of the hearing in my right ear. I went to a specialist who tested my hearing and confirmed that I am in need of either a hearing aid or a procedure that may help lessen the amount of loss. He recommended using a white vinegar therapy once a week for 3 months. When I questioned him on this, he stated that for some people this works very well but it does not work for everyone. I did not have an infection or swimmers ear, again this is a lifetime issue. So far it has not really changed the status of my hearing, but I do not go back to see him for another 2 weeks. When I receive another hearing test, I'll update this site and let you know what the results are.

By Terrance 11/27/2010

Do NOT ever use household vinegar inside of your ear. If you do this you can cause permanent damage to your ear, or even cause Tinnitus (which is a constant ringing that does not go away). Use only apple cider vinegar. There is a huge difference between saying to use regular vinegar and the much more mild Apple Cider Vinegar. Google search Apple Cider Vinegar for ear infections, and do not use regular household vinegar in your ear regardless of what these other posts say. Warning!

By Lilac [18]09/01/2010

If this is for a child for heaven's sake just take the child to the Dr.

By Kathryen [5]09/01/2010

My doctor recommended half vinegar and half rubbing alcohol in a small glass bottle with a dropper. Put a few drops in ear and then turn your head to that it can run out. Before I learned about vinegar and alcohol, I had constant ear problems. I keep the bottle of alcohol and viinegar in my medicine cabinet and the minute I begin to feel something, I put a few drops in and it stops the problem.

By Louise B. [5]09/01/2010

Personally, I would go see a doctor first.

By Judy = Oklahoma [58]08/31/2010

If you look at the archives below this post, they have the mixture there. If this is an inner ear infection, it won't work-but for that, a lot of doctors now don't like to give antibiotics,they tell you to take tylenol for a few days & see if it goes away.

If this is for an infection caused by "swimmer's ear", to prevent it in the future, after swimming, put a couple of drops of a mix of half vinegar & half alcohol in each ear after swimming. The vinegar restores the PH balance & the alcohol evaporates the water in the ear.

By Mom [1]08/28/2010

I would seek out a doctor for this. You don't want to lose your hearing.

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