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Getting Rid of Chirping Birds


Every morning at 4:15 a.m., and all day, the birds wake and begin chirping in the holly tree, the oak tree and several others, none of which belong to me but surround my house. What can I do to drive them away to the forest of trees across the street?




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By Maple (Guest Post) 06/29/2005 Flag

As soon as you see them coming in the evening to roost, start banging loudly on a pot with a wooden spoon. After doing this for 3 nights, they will not return. I did this with starlings (very noisy birds) in my backyard
and, after 3 nights banging, they never returned to roost.

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By Holly (Guest Post) 06/29/2005 Flag

Get one of those 'white noise' machines. You won't hear the outside noises. Or just run a fan all night. It should make enough noise to blank out the exterior distractions.

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By Fran Marie (Guest Post) 07/11/2005 Flag

If you have a baby monitor or can borrow one, put the 'walkie' part firmly in the tree as high as you can reach. If it's rainy, put it in a large ziplock.

When they start making the noise or when they come to roost yell 'Boo" into the monitor. They will take off! It only takes a few times before they get the hint.

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By Lou (Guest Post) 03/16/2006 Flag

I use a hose. The birds start at 4:15 AM. They are so loud. Last thing before bed and first thing in AM is to spray holley tree. The pack is now half, and soon to be none. Water does not hurt them.

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 04/26/2007 Flag

You could use "Flash Tape" it's an Iridescent Red Foil Tape it "Drives Birds Away by Creating an Optical Distraction Zone" (The professional Cherry Growing Farmers use this stuff buy the ton! You see it hanging on all the fruit trees around here) If farmers use it, I'm sure it works! Or you could use a "Scare Eye Balloon" or the "Bird Chase Super Sonic" it Features distress calls of 22 types of birds Select your "Target Bird"  (Distress calls will play for 2 minutes, stop for 10 minutes and repeat.)

Here's a link where you can buy these and many other "Bird Away" items:

-----> But before you buy anything, try WHITE NOISE, this REALLY WORKS: Run a fan in your room for white noise (any kind of fan will do, as long as it's not one of the new "super quiet" ones)...Just turn it toward the wall, if you're cold... It may take several days to get used to the fan, but once you do, it will amaze you just how good the white noise works to drown out all the other noises around the home & believe me this REALLY works!

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By guest (Guest Post) 06/29/2005 Flag

Why? Birds are lovely and if you stop concentrating on being upset by them and just enjoy their songs, they may sing you to sleep. On a more practical note, maybe you should look at why you can hear them in your house -- not enough insulation, windows not sealed properly, etc. I have tons of birds in my trees outside my windows, including hungry babies that squawk all the time for food right now, and I can hear them outside, but the only time I really hear one from inside the bedroom is if a woodpecker pecks on the gutter or the side of the house.

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By lisa 3 97 06/29/2005 Flag

Why would you want to scare the birds away? Each day more and more of our native animals get pushed away to the "forest across the street". What happens when that forest also becomes another un-needed WalMart? Where are the wild creatures supposed to go?

Instead of complaining about the birds, why don't you understand that you have built houses where their homes used to be. Did it not occur to you that they need somewhere to live? Why not make your yard a sanctuary for the wild things by providing food, water and nesting areas?

Maybe after some time observing what fascinating creatures birds (and other wild things) are, you will realize that we all need to share this small planet that we ALL call home.

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By Jennifer Nelson 1 314 06/29/2005 Flag

I agree completely with areadingiggits. Well said. I feel blessed that they will nest in my trees.

Northern Virginia

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By mia (Guest Post) 06/29/2005 Flag

Hi, I have the exact same problem and was PLEASANTLY surprised to read your inquiry. I am a vegan (vegetarian) who respects all life forms and eat that way because of my profound respect for animals, eat only organic food, have an organic yard and compost bin, and I still find the birds chirping at 4am disturbing to the point where it wakes me out of a sound sleep.

It has nothing to do with "accepting" them or that our homes are built in "their" areas. Today's world is filled with daily stress of all types, sometimes severe, and a good solid night's sleep THROUGH the night not only feels good, but is imperative to good health, good immune system and a productive next day. Perhaps people who suggest just accepting them have no idea what it's like to be awakened 4:30 am every single morning and be unable to fall back to sleep again. I'm sorry people have answered in ways that give absolutely no advice but are just criticism by them just trying to sound enviromentally aware.

I'm using a fan as white noise and I close the window next to the trees the birds are in. This has decreased the noise by about 50%. I'd be interested in reading any other tips - real tips, not criticism about how we live in "their" areas. I'm a very involved activist, and socially conscious member of my community so, for me, I already accept other life in our world, but I'd still like a good night's (morning's) sleep. How many of these people who are telling you to "just accept it" are also eating them for their meals (chicken, fowl, turkey - all bird forms)? Thanks for the opportunity to reply and thanks for your post.

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By Cindy Hunt 5 5 06/30/2005 Flag

Maple: Thank you. What time do they usually come home to roost ? Before sunset . . .after. Sorry that I'm so inexperienced in this area.

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By Cindy Hunt 5 5 06/30/2005 Flag

To ALL: I certainly appreciate the wealth of responses, and believe me, I feel that they are beautiful creatures. I certainly fall more on the side of Mia's post and was looking for solutions to relocate the birds (yes, to the forest across the street), mind you, it's one we and the neighbors helped preserve as a community park when the County wanted to remove it. So, for those of you, who feel that I'm not an environmentalist, that doesn't fall into the equation whatsoever. I merely am looking to eliminate the noise, the droppings (which are unsitely and unhealthy) and perhaps, it's those of you "lovers" that continue to distract them from their natural habitat that I'm dealing with as neighbors who continually feed them their scraps because it's more convenient to just throw it in the yard.

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By Pat 12 07/01/2005 Flag

Birds sing a lovely song. Why try to chase them away? Afterall man has taken their space with so much cutting of forrest and the beautiful trees that they once called home.
Learn to take a few moments and enjoy the beauty of their songs. I am so fortunate that I have such beautiful birds in my backyard such as Cardinals, Jays, Woodpeckers, Hummers and when I am really lucky I see
the beautiful tiny blue bird. My birds as i like to affectionately call them have learned what time is dinner time for my dogs and when they hear me feeding them, they all begin to chirp and spread the word to each other that its dinner time!. How joyful is this? Please take time to relax and learn to enjoy this beautiful world of ours before it is no loner here.

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By Marek Dudas 1 07/14/2005 Flag

Birds can be very annoying. I have never thought about birds in a negative way, and I used to sleep with windows open - always enjoying the smell of blooming trees, and a couple of bird songs a day. Now I temporarily live in LA: no more blooming trees in front of windows, helicopters drilling the air every 15 minutes, etc... Last year, on top of all that man-made disgusting noise typical for LA, some birds moved to our area during early spring, and started to sing lovely songs. First two days it was really lovely. However, they almost never stopped, and chirping continued basically all the day and night for more than 3-4 months. I am sure many people never noticed this, because they sleep sealed in their dwells with airconditioning on (reminds me russian submariners sleeping in gaps between the running engines...) I still like birds, but when I see that one particular species or hear its singing even for a moment, it makes me feel really uneasy.

I consider myself to be environmentally oriented and I strongly dislike ruining the nature and brainless spreading of people to everywhere. I am not going to discuss here the animal rights, ecology, natural selection etc. I just think that if somebody loves when animals try to repel any creature that appears within 20 feet from their nest, and considers it a natural behaviour, then it is also natural if people repel annoying birds to the "forest cross the street" or even more far.

Dear Cindy, enough essays, now a little attempt to help. Once we got a bird that terribly squeaked in the tree during the night time. It looked like some rare relative of owls, possibly protected. We used big plastic serving spoons to gently shoot beans or lentils, and we pushed the bird step by step 2 miles away to the city forest. It returned next 2 nights, but got the some treatment - then never came again. Maybe not good enough for small chirpers, these may be quite stupid to understand. You may try ultrasound bird repellers, used e.g. in airports or food industry: Good luck!!

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By youjustdontgetit (Guest Post) 06/16/2006 Flag

>Why would you want to scare the birds away?

Did you not read the post? The birds could easily live in the forest across the street, yet choose to live in the person's yard. He doesn't want to hurt them, just relocate them back to their natural environment.

I too have major problems with birds waking me up long before the sun comes up. Due to the fact that I am a student who works during the day and takes classes at night, I usually don't get to sleep until at least 12am. Being rudely awoken at 4am is a real problem.

The "you should just learn to enjoy their beautilful songs and the wonder of nature" is a much too hippie-esque answer. That dismisses the real problem.

The person needs to get some sleep. Sleeping when you have a cacophony of bird sounds outside your window is a real problem. Maybe you enjoy being woken up to birds at 4am, but most people do not.

Not getting enough enough sleep will cause far more problems for a person. Repelling/relocating birds makes them move back to their natural habitat. No big problem there, they've evolved to live there in the first place. When humans do not get enough sleep, their stress levels increase, which increases possiblities of heart disease. It also will decrease your immune system, and you may get sick more easily.

Try getting 4 hours of sleep or less, every day, for 2 weeks. Then you'll understand why this is a problem.

My advice: all attempts I've made to scare the birds away have failed, they always return. Most of them have made nests in trees right outside my window, so in the spring I get to look forward to screaming babies :P
I slept fine with a fan in my room up, until recently. The fan doesn't cut it anymore and I am forced to us ear plugs. They work well enough that I don't hear the birds, but can still hear my alarm clock. After I wake up, my ears feel somewhat, uh... "disoriented," after removing the earplugs. It'd still be nice if the birds just left.

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By Sarah (Guest Post) 04/11/2007 Flag

I think birds are beautiful creatures until they wake me up at 5am every single morning. I suggest bird repellent farmers use to keep pesky birds away from their crop. It does not harm the bird but simply causes discomfort in landing. It is also non-toxic! I have never tried it but I heard it actually works. So for all you bird lovers no need to worry we're not out to get their birds.

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By Nicky s (Guest Post) 04/26/2007 Flag

I am a student who studies all night and works, I need my sleep . At 7am they start chirpin for 8 hours! "Sing" me to sleep...are u kidding me! They dont sing songs, it is just the same chirp over and over and over and over....

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By Holly 367 1,263 04/26/2007 Flag

A small air cleaner running in your bedroom with the ionizer off (ionizers aggravate asthma) might make enough background noise to sleep better.

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By Eric C (Guest Post) 04/26/2007 Flag

I have this problem too. A few years ago a hose seemed to work, but it's not exactly fun going out and spraying trees at 3 in the morning.

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By Holly 367 1,263 04/27/2007 Flag

Could these birds be in the attic of your house? On your roof? In your chimney?

Also try ear plugs. Different styles are available. Inexpensive and at your local drug store.

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By msjackson77 (Guest Post) 05/30/2007 Flag

I didn't realize so many people have problems with chirping birds, but the ones around my house start chirping around 3:45 - 4:00 am. Isn't that too early for birds to start up. It's really quiet where I live, and I can tune them out, but now I over sleep. I think it's a beautiful thing, I can't see them but I can surely hear them. I stayed home one day and I noticed around 7:00 am, nothing, no sounds, no birds chirping.....where did they go?

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By Stngray (Guest Post) 06/14/2007 Flag

To the folks who wonder where the chirping birds go: Most likely these are baby birds who chirp non-stop first thing in the A.M. Once mom feeds them, they quiet down until they get hungry again. This happens in the trees around my house every mating season. I finally figured it out after I wondered the same thing. It doesn't last very long, because Mom gets them out on their own to find food as soon as possible. Then she lays more eggs next time. Isn't nature wonderful??

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By aged loads because of lack of sleep (Guest Post) 06/29/2007 Flag

bleeding birds!!! 4am again this morning!! im knackered!!

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By Ignacio (Guest Post) 04/04/2008 Flag

All, the birds that chirp at night does it for a reason. Have you asked yourself why they do it? Regardless the why I found a method to scare them away. Although they might not stay in your tree any more this method does not warranty to make them go far enough from your house. You might end up or still be close enough to heard them and besides even if you heard them far away at night it will still be close enough regardless.

This is the method. Have a microphone connected to an amplifier and this to a strobe light. Increase the sensitivity to a level where the chirping will make the strobe to start emitting its flashes. As the bird chirp the lights will flash. The bird will be quite in seconds.

Bonus method: ear plugs. Simple ha!

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By Jaimpal (Guest Post) 11/19/2008 Flag

I live in Islamabad, Pakistan. In the early morning, sparrows chirp so much that you need not set timepiece alarm to wake up. I always enjoy it :o)

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By jyotish_d 1 05/08/2013 Flag

Get a cat. Get several cats. They like chirping birds, for dinner. I used to have a big coon cat. He caught birds all the time.

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