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Getting Rid Of Honeysuckle Without Chemicals

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How do I kill a honeysuckle vine without use of chemicals? I don't want to ruin my soil?

Hardiness Zone: 7a

Blake from Poteau, OK



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By Linda (Guest Post)04/23/2008

Like they said... some folks are highly allergic to it and if you have allergy enduced asthma your in trouble living around the invasive stuff. I appreciate the benefits it provides but must do it from someone elses yard. Also, my problem is, it's been on this property for over 70 years or more and it is killing everything! I will give the remedy listed above a try. Thanks!

By nailfanatic (Guest Post)04/23/2008

Thank you for the advice. I will give it a try! My allergies will be thankful!

By LEONA LABINE [40]04/01/2008

Use a mixture of vinegar,salt & water, be careful what you spray because it will kill anything it touches.
Buy a 4 liter bottle of vinegar and take out 1 cup, then add 1 cup of salt, mix and add the cup of vinegar back to the bottle.

By kayray (Guest Post)04/01/2008

I feel for you! I have morning glory all over that I can't get rid of - it is beautiful but chokes out everything else!

Round up did not work on it. It killed everything but the morning glory just popped back up!

By Tina Brown [5]04/01/2008

I'm highly allergic to it. The odor makes me start sneezing and it doesn't stop until the honey suckle is gone, or I am stuck in the house the whole summer long.

I try to catch it at first sprout and with thick gloves on, I use vinegar and dawn in a spray bottle and cut the sprout off as close to the ground as possible, take aim and spray directly on the upcoming honeysuckle. Sometimes I miss some and my husband will take care of them for me. But I've had good luck with this combo of mixing Cider vinegar and dawn dish soap in a spray bottle that will spray a straight line. I have used it on poison ivy, which I'm not allergic to, go figure!

There are plenty of things for the hummingbirds to enjoy and I get to watch them as long as the honeysuckle is gone.

hope this helps.

By Linda (Guest Post)04/01/2008

Honeysuckle also attracts hummingbirds! But, Roundup won't harm your soil, it only kills the plants you spray it on and within 7 days you can replant the area after the plant dies. I have used it successfully to kill off a patch of grass and a week later planted great veggies.

By Patti (Guest Post)04/01/2008

Why would you want to do that? We used to drink the "honey" from the flowers and Mom used to put a jar of the vines on the table. Wonderful smell.


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Question: Getting Rid of Honeysuckle on a Fence

Will rock salt work to kill honeysuckle vines? I have livestock fencing that I need to eradicate this from. I have read that salt will kill it. As this is a fence row, I am not concerned with planting it. It is approximately 1/4 acre of fencing and I am looking for a cost effective and animal friendly way of getting rid of this. It is a 5 foot high fence of galvanized wire with 4 inch squares, that has been stretched between locust posts. It's a pricey fence that I do not want destroyed by this vine.
Any ideas would be helpful.

By Debbie

Most Recent Answer

By April [182]04/08/2012

It might. You might also try some straight vinegar.

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