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Pear Sauce Instead Of Apple Sauce

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A dear friend of mine has pears trees but never uses them. I am the lucky one that gets to have them. Getting an overabundance of them has led me to try to be creative with them. I made a large bath of pear sauce by peeling, coring and cutting the pears into small pieces. Then I put enough water to cover them in a saucepan and added a smidgeon of cinnamon and about 1/2 cup of sugar.

Once the mixture started to boil I put the heat on simmer and continued cooking (stir occasionally) until the mixture reached a mush stage. I removed the mixture and mushed it even more with my potato masher. You can serve this as a side dish with pork or chicken. You can also use it in place of applesauce in any recipe you have.

By joesgirl



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By KathyAtABetterWay08/30/2011

Do you have to "soften" the pears before using them for pear sauce or pear pie? The ones on my tree are crunchy, but falling now so I think they are ready. Can I use them as they are now? Thanks!

By justhelpingout (Guest Post)10/03/2008

You can make pear sauce and use it like applesauce. My kids didn't care for apple sauce so I made pear sauce. I didn't have an over abundance of pears though and would buy them when they were on sale and make it and freeze it. If you like pears you will like pear sauce.

By Fertnel (Guest Post)03/07/2006

Pear Sauce is good if you sub in a little semidry wine in place of the sugar.

By Deborah Griffes11/21/2004

You can make pear honey also.
4-5 qts. peeled & cored pears
10 cups sugar
Put pears into dutch oven and pour sugar over.
Let stand until enough juice to dissolve sugar.
Cook on low until approx halved in volume and golden in color, stirring often to prevent sticking.
Ladle into canning jars & seal.

By Debbie (Guest Post)11/10/2004

Have you ever made pear pie? Substitute pears instead of apples in your favorite apple pie recipe! My sister has her own pear tree, and we enjoy her pear pies!

By (Guest Post)11/05/2004

Do you then freeze the sauce? Do you add a little bit of lemon juice to keep the pear sauce from turning brown?
I made pear sauce for my kids when they were babies, they liked it. Sometimes I would add other fruit that I had in the house to it too, like apples. Apple, pear with raspberry or strawberry was also good.

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