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Buying Sweet Gum Balls

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Sweet Gum Balls

Although many homeowners dislike the seed pods dropped by sweet gum trees, others use them in gardening and crafts. This is a guide about buying sweet gum balls.



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Question: Buying Sweet Gum Balls

Where can I buy sweet gum balls? I need a quantity for wreaths. Thanks.

By Terry


Best Answer

By Judy [5]09/11/2013

Why buy them? Find someone with a sweet gum tree in their yard and I'm sure they will let you take all you want. I have 2 in my yard and I would love for someone to come get them. They are a pain in the butt. lol.

Question: Where Can I Buy Sweet Gum Balls?

Where can I buy sweet gum balls?

Rebecca from West Midlands


Most Recent Answer

By Christen S.04/04/2014

I have some for sale. Please let me know if you're interested. They were just picked up today.

RE: Where Can I Buy Sweet Gum Balls?

Question: Finding a Source for Sweet Gum Tree Balls/Seed Pods

I am looking for sweet gum tree balls/seed pods for craft projects, but they are not native to Iowa where I live. Does anyone know of a good source for them?

By MM in IA from Pleasant Hill, IA

Most Recent Answer

By Debbie11/02/2011

Oh my! Gumballs have taken over my yard here in NC! You are welcome to them :>) I haven't come up with any great craft to use them for.

Solutions: Buying Sweet Gum Balls

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