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Mold on Paper Money

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How can I get mold out of paper money?

DB from MI


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By carla bledsoe (Guest Post)11/21/2006

if you are collecting old paper money then you should contact someone that knows what will or will not affect the value.
if you are not collecting old money then just run it through the wash in your laundry. i've done that countless times by accident. it fades a little but its clean.

By Hope11/20/2006

The correct way to handle money that is in any way damaged is to take it to a bank and TELL the teller or customer service rep. about it. They will gladly give you 'fresh or clean' money then they will send it back to the Federal Reserve Bank for reimbursement to the bank. If you don't let them know about the nasty stuff on the money it will just get back in circulation again. I am always more careful with dirty money since I had lots of warts suddenly after I became a bank teller. The dermatologist told me it was handling the 'germy' currency and coin.

By Shonda (Guest Post)11/20/2006

Wash the money in the washer. I have wash bills in the washer, put in a little Joy dish soap.
Shonda from Western Ky

By sandy [63]11/20/2006

why do you say it is mold?? the money is supposed to be green. if you really think it is dirty and whatever take it to a bank and redeem it. why dont you spend it then you would not have to wash it.

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