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Stains on Rubbermaid Sink Mats

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How do you remove spaghetti stains form rubbermaid sink mats?

Joan from Buffalo, NY



Recent Answers

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By Jean in GA (Guest Post)03/13/2007

The bleach works extremely well, it will also clean your sink!

By Diane Arnold [1]03/13/2007

I just pour straight bleach on mine and soak for a while, the stains dissapear in a short time. Rinse well.

By Tina [1]03/12/2007

Try Gumption Paste - its my best friend in the cleaning department, you can get it from your local supermarket. Removes most stains from hard surfaces including laminates, plastics, and will even remove permanent marker from kids toys.... and your toys lol... good luck!

By Michawn [16]03/11/2007

I either throw my in the top rack of my dishwasher, or lay a paper towel down on them that is either soaked in bleach or splash the bleach on it (carefully) before you got to bed. Sparkly clean mats in the morning!

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