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Cleaning an Iron's Soleplate

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How do I clean the soleplate of my iron?

MARIE from Dinwiddie, VA



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By jennwa (Guest Post)09/29/2008

I had fusible web stuck to my iron and burned on bad and nothing so far got it off not even the dryer sheets tht seemed to make it worse. So I wasn't sure anything would work.

Boy was I WRONG, I tried a MR Clean Magic Eraser and it got it ALL off! Took a bit of elbow grease but the sole plate is shiny and looks brand new and with no scratches.

By Carol from NC (Guest Post)09/14/2008

OMG! Thanks! The dryer sheets worked great! It was a stubborn mess and it took a few sheets but looks brand new now!

By (Guest Post)06/23/2008

I have forgotten what it is called, but at Wal-Mart near where they sell ironing board covers you can get a cleaner that is wonderful if your iron has a lot of gunk on it. You spread the tube of cleaner on an old towel and run the iron over it. Works wonders.

By Susan M. [7]06/19/2008

I use Spray N Wash with great success. I just spray it on a cold iron and rub with a rag. That's the only thing I use Spray N Wash for!

Susan in Omaha

By barbara (Guest Post)06/19/2008

iron on wax paper worked for me

By katrina 06/19/2008

i always tear open a brown paper grocery store bag; & on HIGH heat of iron "iron" the paper bag; for some reason this has always worked for me.


Using a well dampened large sponge or rag on a heated iron works great, too :-) Just be sure, for safety sake, to unplug iron just before beginning cleaning ... Have been cleaning my irons that way for 45 years :-)

By charlotte06/19/2008

A dryer sheet works great for cleaning the soleplate. Just heat your iron as you normally would. You'll need a couple of clean rags too, place dryer sheet on rag and iron until iron is clean. Iron on a clean rag to remove dryer sheet great!


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Most Recent Answer


Plug the iron in and heat it to high. In the meantime take a thick terry cloth rag, fold it in quarters or more (this is to help keep you from burning yourself) get it wet, wring it out 'almost' all of the way. Then 'unplug' the iron and start rubbing the plate with the wet rag. Most of the time this works on the first try. I've only had one time that I had to do it two or more times. This works for hair curling and straightening irons to remove hair product buildup too.

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