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Gourd Plant Holder & Hanger

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Gourd planter

This plant holder is made out of a gourd. I used jute for the hanger and put a few macrame knots in it with some wooden beads. I cut the top out of a gourd (that I grew), and it cracked so I put a leather lace in it to keep it from cracking more. I sprayed with a sealer. The flower is a Mandevilla red velvet, and has just started blooming.

By Fran


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By donita04/29/2011

So cute, do you make any of these to sell? I might be a buyer. Let me know. Thanks. Donita.

By ann in alabama (Guest Post)08/27/2005

Hey Fran I love your gourd plant holder!!! How did you ever come up with that idea???

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