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Ice Forming in Back of Refrigerator

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I have a 2 door fridge/freezer, not the side by side ones, the half and half type. The freezer works perfectly but I have a problem with the refrigerator section. I defrost and clean it regularly but a week or so after defrosting, a very thick layer of ice forms at the back of the fridge. After a month or so, the ice is about 1 inch thick! It still works fine and everything is cold as it should be but I'm sure this thick layer of solid ice isn't normal.

What is worse, if anything happens to be at the back like a jar or similar, the ice actually grows around it and the container is embedded in the ice. If I delay defrosting for more than two months or so, the layer of ice is so bad that the jar that embedded itself in the ice, completely disappears into the ice. It is not on the coldest setting, just normal for the time of year. It is not opened excessively, just normal for getting things in or out. Does anybody have suggestions? I'm getting tired of having to hammer the ice off the back of the refrigerator every couple of months!

By Cett from Malta, Europe


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By Margret [5]04/02/2011

You posted this in April of 2009? Surely you're had help by now, no? At any rate, I just called in a repair person for the same problem. The solution is replacement of the heater that deals with the self-defrost function of your fridge. Best of luck!

By cettina [74]05/02/2009

Thanks jademing. I got somebody in to check the door - just in case and it WAS the door not fitting tightly. Should be fine now. Thought I would have to go to the expense of a new refrigerator but the price of the gasket wasn't much and it's sorted now. Thanks again.

By Jeanne05/01/2009

Check the gasket on your door. It's probably leaking, allowing warm air inside. It might need to be replaced.

Another possibility is that your door isn't closing tightly...

By cettina [74]04/25/2009

I'm a bit wary of raising the temperature in the refrigerator. I will try raising it a little and see how it goes. I live in a warm country. not so bad yet but the temperature in a few weeks time will be around the 100'mark if not higher. and I don't have air conditioning at home. Thank you for your suggestion. Never occurred to me. Funny, that you need somebody who isn't in the situation to point out the obvious!


Sometimes the normal setting is too high. First thing to try is to turn it way down.

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