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What is the Best Filler to Use in a Homemade Heat Pack?

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I want to make my own heat packs as Christmas gifts. Some have posted that they use rice, others use flax, some use oatmeal, etc. The ingredients don't cook or go rancid, etc. after use?

Also, which ingredient can I use for scent? Some say lavender turns after being heated and there were a few scents that didn't work at all.


By BeachMouse from Canada


Recent Answers

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By Marg [3]12/14/2011

The only thing I use is rice, beans or both. No, they do not go bad or rancid as I've had mine for at least 5 years and use it over and over.

By Judy = Oklahoma [58]12/02/2010

I've been wanting to make some for gifts also, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I was planning to use either flax seeds or buckwheat, which I've heard works better. I wouldn't want to use rice, because it seems like it would 'cook' it if you keep heating it, then smell bad.

As a coincidence, I got this instructional just today (from another newsletter I get) on how to make 'baby' heat packs. The are so cute, I may have to make a couple for my little grandson who seems to have ear infections quite often.

By Rhonda [1]12/01/2010

I use buckwheat hulls and rice. I use lavender and rosemary essential oils and find the scent lasts a long time. You can always renew the scent if you close it with a few buttons or velcro. I sell alot of the neck wraps at craft shows. You do need to use all cotton material for these to be microwave safe though.

By BD12/01/2010

I like to use rice, and you can scent with coffee beans, vanilla, coco, hazelnut. They happen to be my favorite coffee drink. Wild long grain rice.
Good luck, BD


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By Marg [3]12/14/2011

I use a mixture of rice and beans and my heat pack always stays warm at least an hour.

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