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Refrigerator Won't Shut Off


My refrigerator/freezer runs almost continuously. I have to take the freezer apart and use a blow dryer to defrost the coils about twice a month. What part do you think I need to replace? Thank you so much for your help.

By Linda from Sarcoxie, MO


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By Sara 2 06/27/2010 Flag

I have a Maytag that I have had since around 2000 and have had to change the adaptive defrost control about 4 times.. The coils would freeze up and the fridge would not stay cold, so I would have to defrost the coils with a hairdryer then it would cool for a few days then I would have to do it again.. So I did some research and called a repair shop and they advised the defrost control. I found out where it was located in the fridge and changed it out myself. The design on the Maytag was a poor design so the defrost controls stop a lot. Don't know if that will help at all, good luck

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Archive: Refrigerator Won't Shut Off

My refrigerator keeps running and won't shut off. It seems to be keeping everything at the right temperature, it just keeps running and running.

By Linda :o) from Sarcoxie, MO


RE: Refrigerator Won't Shut Off

The first thing I'd check is the seal. They only last so long and if they get any crud on them or disintegrate or tear, it will cost you money by the fridge constantly running. The second thing I'd mention is to make sure your freezer is full. If not then you'll need to fill up old milk or juice jugs with water and freeze them so they turn to ice. They talk about this trick on the TV all the time because a full freezer stays cold longer and is more efficient than an empty one. Thirdly, it may be your freon gas (or whatever they use these days) is running out so the motor keeps running to compensate. As far as the motor itself, I wish I could offer you more help.

<p.Another thing you may want to try is vacuuming off the back of the fridge to clean the coils. Thy need to be clean or they won't work efficiently. (06/15/2009)

By Cyinda

RE: Refrigerator Won't Shut Off

Thank you so much for the advice. I vacuumed out the coils, and now it works like new. I am so happy!

By Linda :o)

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