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Removing Gravel From Your Lawn Edge


Getting the stones and gravel out of the edge of your lawn which were dumped by highway trucks for ice and snow is a tedious job. I found that using a shop vac is much easier and faster and does a very nice job.

By Frances from Bath, PA


By Joan 2 167 03/18/2009 Flag

Brilliant idea.

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By Deanj 917 03/19/2009 Flag

You could also rent a electric rotating brush that will push the gravel and stones into a pile. My neighbor rents one and cleans his lawn of gravel stones and other debris. Very fast and does a great job.

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By Rod Olson 1 01/19/2012 Flag

This was great seeing the article about the shop vac for removing gravel as I have done this very same thing for years ! By far the easiest way for this old guy to get the job done. People driving by sometimes wonder about me but who cares.I also use a mr grabber with the suction cups for removing small amounts of dolemite and pine cones from the yard.

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By Vi Martin 8 10 01/19/2012 Flag

I use an electric leaf blower and blow the gravel back onto the street. If put close enough to the gravel it really gets it out there.

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