How Do I Remove Dried Toothpaste From Carpet?


My granddaughter squirted toothpaste on the carpet. It is dried in and will not come out with regular cleaning (pine cleaner, carpet shampoo, or dish soap). Is there something I can use to get it out without having to snip my carpet?

By Virginia G. from Porterville, CA


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By Jill 4 738 02/04/2011

If you're sure it is simply toothpaste, I would lay a damp towel over it until it softens, then try to get it up. The other things you tried may simply not have had long enough to rehydrate the toothpaste, because you cannot leave them on too long. Don't make the towel so wet as to wet the rug, but wet enough to share the moisture with the toothpaste. Be patient; and you might need to dampen the towel a bit now and then, it could take several hours.

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I agree with Jilson but it also wouldn't hurt to try using a soft toothbrush (or similar bristle brush) to help loosen it up from between the fibers while the carpet is still dry before soaking and rubbing it up with a rag.

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By Paula Jo C. 24 252 02/04/2011

Perhaps the whiten-ing agent in the tooth paste has bleached your rug so I would guess yoou will have to just spip it off - sad to say. Keep us informed on what you end up doing ok? Good luck!

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