Fix for Flat Paint Not Adhering to Old Paint


I have painted 3/4 of my kitchen. The problem: I can scrape the paint off with a fingernail. It has been dry for two months. I think that I must have had oil based paint on the walls. Then I painted over that with a flat paint. Can I save these walls without hiring a pro? How can I fix this?

By Samantha from Albany, GA


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By Myrna 15 1,062 03/22/2011

At this point, I would call a professional painter and ask their advice.

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By Ann Winberg 306 239 03/22/2011

That is exactly what you have. You will have to strip the latex paint and start over. If you want to use latex paint you will have to prime first, you can use an oil base primer then use latex paint but latex paint will not adhere to oil base paint. I always use oil base primer then I don't have to worry what kind of paint I use. Don't feel bad we have all done it. I worked in a paint store for several years so I speak of experience. I also did the same thing in my kitchen.

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By Deanj 917 03/23/2011

Must be old oil base paint. As what Sherwin Williams paint people tell me they are not making oil based paints any more. The problem I think is the base may be oil or enamel paint. This has a very smooth surface and shiny surface. It should have been scuffed up with fine grit sand paper cleaned and then painted. I have painted over oil base paint with latex with no difficulty.

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By Elaine 173 890 03/23/2011

It could be that it was not clean enough before you started painting. Did you use any kind of cleaner and did you rinse it well? Even if it is a semi-gloss paint, and you use a flat over it, you should prime it first if you want it to stick.

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