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How to Create a Palm Tree Centerpiece

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I want to make palm tree as my table centerpiece. How should I do that? I do not want to use the metallic palm trees available in the party store.

Thanks in advance!


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By Sherronda (Guest Post)08/31/2007

Hey John. Where did you find the rods to do the stands for the fruit display?

By John (Guest Post)07/07/2007

I've tried many different sources and did not like any to include a bar stool that you have to drill into pineapple. Here is my final solution, I bought 18 x 18 marble tile and drilled a hole through the center. I bought a steel rod and put thread on the bottom. Sharpened the tip and added a wing nut to the top w/ a plastic washer as well as bottom. This was perfect and I have used it many times. Total Cost $70 dollars for two and they are food grade in case of an health inspector. The rod supports the weight and I used ceramic knobs to raise the base. This makes it look like the person got their moneys worth.

By Chef Mike Flowers (Guest Post)01/19/2007

To learn how to prepare this fresh pineapple palm tree fruit display, click on

RE: How to Create a Palm Tree Centerpiece

By Kathy (Guest Post)07/29/2005

I don't know if this is too late for you but we created some palm tree centerpieces for a 7th & 8th grade dance at my daughter's school. We used the cardboard rolls from paper towels. We glued brown paper to the cardboard rolls. We went to a dollar store and bought green silk palm frons - cut them apart and hot glued them in the top of cardboard roll. Then, we get drink holders from fast food restraunts and cut them apart to hold the tree. We also purchased cheap (again at dollar store) bamboo trays and sat the drink holder with tree in the tray and filled it with sand. We sat tiny votive candles in the sand and lit them at the dance. They really were beautiful.

By Lee (Guest Post)07/20/2005

Papier mache' is probably your best bet. You could get a book on the subject at your local library. This will involve some time on your part but will be pretty cheap (paper, wire, glue, paint, etc.)
Another idea that comes to mind would be playing with various items which combined could suggest a palm tree. i.e. a vase filled with something brown such as wood chips, broken glass, or marbles. Then to use purchased "palm leaves" from a florist shop, or green tissue with wire glued, cut and bent to suggest palm leaves.
Last idea would be to bind some even bamboo or sticks with a rough natural cord to suggest the trunk of the palm tree, then stick some "palm leaves" into the top. You could even take something small and round which has been sprayed with an adhesive and rolled in sawdust or brown dirt to hotglue to the tops to simulate coconuts. With something like this, the idea is to have fun with it and know it's okay for the palm trees to be somewhat abstract. Less is more. Good luck!

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