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Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance


Please give me some cute original ideas on how to ask my boyfriend to my girls choice dance! I want to do something that hasn't really been done and I'd like to be creative. I'm usually a really creative girl and I think my guy expects something cute! He wouldn't be mad if i didn't do it creatively, but how fun would that be?



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By baby girl 2 11/28/2010 Flag

Sorry this is so late but maybe it can help later. I don't know what he is like, but have you ever had a perfect moment with him? You could recreate that really special moment that he remembers and then say something like " After all you have done for me, the only way I would ever feel like I repaid you is if you would go to the dance with me." I know it doesn't sound creative, but its sweet. Hopes it helps!

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By Airr 1 2 04/19/2013 Flag

1) Get a small pumpkin. Put your name on a small piece of paper and put tape around it so it won't get ruined when wet. On the outside of the pumpkin write "it would be 'smashing' if you would go to [the dance] with me" in order to find out who is asking, they have to smash the pumpkin!

2) Get a T-shirt and both washable and permanent markers. In permanent marker write on the top of the shirt: "I would give the shirt off my back to go to [the dance] with you!" write a bunch of random names of other girls from school (some who would potentially ask him) in washable marker. Then put your own in permanent. He will have to wash the shirt to reveal who is asking! (the other names besides yours will wash off!)

3) Buy a puzzle, put it together, and turn it over. On the back write "it would be 'puzzling' if you didn't say yes to [the dance] with me!" take it apart and put it back in the box!

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By chelsea_carter15 1 08/08/2013 Flag

Ok this I thought was adorable! Go to the store and get as many Hershey kisses as you can find! Pour some on his walk way to his house, pour more goin into his house pour more goin into his room, pour alot all over his room and but a huge poster board on his wall that says "Now that I have kissed the ground you walk on, will you go to _____ with me?"

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Tolo is coming up at our school and I want to ask my boyfriend to the dance in a crazy, creative way. We've been dating for a while and he's a little shy and doesn't really like a lot of attention on him. So as a joke I told him one day that I had a huge plan to ask him to tolo, and now he said he really wants to see it! Can anyone help me out here? The crazier, the better.

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By cydneylaponsey 1 01/30/2014 Flag

Get a box and some pink helium balloons. Draw pig faces on the balloons and on the box say "I'll ask you to tolo when pigs fly" so when he opens the box, pig balloons fly in the air.

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Please give me some cute original ideas on how to ask my boyfriend to my girls choice dance.

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