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Removing Stamp Pad Ink from Skin

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What do you get stamp pad ink off a small child's face and hands with?

By Lynne from Flowery Branch, GA


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By gemjam05/06/2015

Oh yeah. Soap and water works too, nothing wrong with that.

By gemjam05/06/2015

I read that lemon juice helps too. I tried it and it does. Rubbing alcohol works as does nail polish remover. lol if you cant tell, I like to stamp.

By girlchez07/10/2010

Rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. I just watched my doctor do this.


I've never had to do anything more than use a good old fashioned wash cloth and bar of soap to get stamp pad ink off.

By Grandma J [46]06/07/2010

I have had the kids get this on them selves. My favorite is nail polish remover. Mr Clean sponge works, plain old finger nail brush and a bar of any bath soap, the hand sanitizer, rubbing in many layers of hand lotion and using an old soft toothbrush. I always tell the kids their pain in cleaning up the mess of themselves is the lesson not to do it again. My granddaughter came with marker all over her arms, the kids wrote their names on themselves on a Friday at school. Needless to say, with church on Sunday, SHE scrubbed her arms till they were clean.

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