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Mildew Smell Coming From My Car's Air Conditioner

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The inside of my car has a mildew smell and I think it could be from the A/C. How can I get rid of the smell?

tzw5kf from Shreveport, LA



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By Humbilina (Guest Post)03/01/2009

We too had this odor in our car. Where did it come from no one knows. We put a cut apple under the hood near the dash. It did help Give it a try. It also helps to put the crystal type of deodorant in the back seat floor board of the car.

By Tracy Dawson (Guest Post)04/20/2006

There are a lot of reasons why sometimes our car smell so bad..some because of the foods left in our car, some because of AC..What we have to do is always check what's inside of our car...Check this one - " Car smells funny?" at .

By Katie [4]04/18/2006

The mildew probably got started by running only the "max" A/C. That recirculates the cabin air, which is moist. Using the regular A/C dries out the air. If you run only the max A/C, it leaves moisture in the unit and mildew grows. I'm not sure how to get rid of the smell now, but be sure when you run your A/C to at least finish the last few minutes on regular A/C to dry it out.

By Beth [25]04/18/2006

There are filters in your car's air conditioning system that need to be replaced every now and then. This is not the same as the engine air filter. People with allergies should do this more often.

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