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Cleaning Grease Stains on Carpet

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grease stain on carpet

Grease stains can be quite stubborn when you are trying to remove them from your carpet. This is a guide about cleaning grease stains on carpet.



Here are questions related to Cleaning Grease Stains on Carpet.

Question: Removing Food Grease on Automobile Carpet

I had a roast on the floorboard and the grease/drippings splashed out of the pan onto my carpet. I have tried foam carpet cleaner and Arm & Hammer powder carpet cleaner, but it still stinks to high heaven. I have even tried Dawn dishsoap and water. No luck. Any suggestions?

By Randy S.


Best Answer

By Jay07/01/2012

The grease probably went through the carpet and onto the floorboard. You will probably need a big bucket of hot, soapy water and a wet/dry vac. Take a cup and pour the hot soapy water on the area and suck it up. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, and again until you are sick of doing that. If that doesn't work, you might also dry professional degreaser (like from Sam's club or auto store), they smell bad too, so that wouldnt' be my first choice method.

Question: Grease Stains on Carpet

How do you get auto grease (black) out of a brand new, already treated and never shampooed, carpet? (no snickering allowed)

Thank you.

By Darcy from Duncan, BC


Best Answer

By SummerSerinity04/14/2011

I got it out once using the hand cleaner GOOP that is suppose to break down grease. Be careful, but it worked great for me. good luck

Question: Oil Stains on Carpet

I tipped a bottle of scented oils on my carpet and all down the stairs. How can I remove it? I have tried hot water and soaking it up in a cloth, but nothing works.

By carol J from Mid Wales

Question: Removing Mechanical Grease from Carpet

I work in a machine shop, and we are trying to clean the carpets. The problem is that the carpets are stained with grease from people walking in and out of the offices. Any tips or tricks for removing grease stains? (and I mean huge grease stains!) Thanks so much.

By S. H.

Solutions: Cleaning Grease Stains on Carpet

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Archive: Cleaning Automotive Oil and Grease Stains Off Carpet

My DH manages a chain of automotive repair and tire sales shops. Sometimes I help out by cleaning the shop so he can get home to the family a little earlier. I am baffled as to how to remove stains from the carpet in the customer lounge. It must be automotive grease or oil.

I've used my home Bissel Giant Green Steam Clean Machine with the manufacturer's reccomended cleaning products. I am getting a lot of soil out of the carpet (I presume, b/c the color of the "dump" water is similar to black coffee); yet the stain remains. Any suggestions as to what to try?

Thank you.

RE: Cleaning Automotive Oil and Grease Stains Off Carpet

I made the mistake in bringing my bicycle inside to oil the chain and grease the gears. I put newspaper under the bike thinking i was safe but as soon as i took the pedals to spin the chain the oil went everywhere nice black oil spots on my living room carpet... broke out the carpet cleaner with little results. So I then got out the dish soap and squirted it on the spots and gave a gentle rub. I let the soap sit on there for a little while and then took the carpet cleaner to the spots again and they disappeared. (06/03/2005)

By witchdancer4

RE: Cleaning Automotive Oil and Grease Stains Off Carpet

I have used Resolve Carpet Cleaner to get road tar off my carpet in the car. Works very well. Perhaps that would work for oil or grease. (06/03/2005)

By grammy24

RE: Cleaning Automotive Oil and Grease Stains Off Carpet

I found a carpet/upholstery cleaner at a auto dealership, but it's no doubt other places too, called Capture. I keep one at all times. It's a dry powder, sprinkle it on the oily spot, let sit a bit and vac up. It works great. (06/03/2005)

By Wendee

Archive: Grease Stains on Carpet

My husband tracked grease all over my brand new carpet. Will anything get it out? It's light brown carpet.

Kimberly from Villa Rica, GA

RE: Grease Stains on Carpet

I was thinking maybe Goop hand cleaner or Dawn dish soap. They both remove grease off hands, so maybe it would work on carpet, too. (09/11/2006)

By Cheryl from MO

RE: Grease Stains on Carpet

The Queen of Clean recommends a product called "Holy Cow" for many cleaning problems. I haven't bought it yet, but will. She says you can buy it in Walgreens. Check out, to read about the Queen. (09/12/2006)

By Pat

RE: Grease Stains on Carpet

My boyfriend is in the newspaper business. One day he came home with his work shoes on and got ink all over our brand new area rug, that was only about 2 weeks old. So I called good old Mom to see what she recommended. She swears by "Lestoil" on all stains (it even took battery acid and grease out a pair of my sisters white shorts, when we were growing up). So I immediately ran out and got some. I put it directly on a rag and worked each stain and it all came out. You cannot even tell that it was there. The carpet looked just like brand new again. Needless to say, he never wore work shoes home again. Good Luck. (09/12/2006)

By Karen

RE: Grease Stains on Carpet

My husband was a salesman for roofing products and I found grease/oil stains on the back of our new car's (light tan) carpet from the cans. I used straight ammonia on it and rubbed and it took it all off. It works great on grease stains. Be sure there is lots of ventilation. (09/12/2006)

RE: Grease Stains on Carpet

I live at my mom's house and my fiance works in a trucking garage. Anyway to make a long story short he came home and tracked truck grease all the way up my mom's white carpeted stairs. I was horrified, because I knew how she would react. I was reading through some of the tips I found on the internet and the thought of putting more chemicals on the already "ruined" carpet scared me even more. I went up to her cleaning closet and found a product called "Awesome", I thought what the heck. I sprayed it on and wiped it with a damp terry cloth, it came right out. My savior. (06/19/2008)

By Brandie

RE: Grease Stains on Carpet

The gas company came, because I thought I smelled gas leaking. I'm a little paranoid. The guy's toolbox left grease marks everywhere he sat it down on the carpet. I used baking soda mixed with dish liquid, and water (just a little bit to make liquid) let it sit for a minute. The stain came right out. (09/19/2008)

By Shi

RE: Grease Stains on Carpet

We have had some grease stains on our carpet and tried everything even "Awesome" and nothing would get it out. We shampooed our carpet and it looked terrible, so I looked up on the internet "Grease stains on carpet" and it mentioned using hand cleaner. We tried it and it took all the grease up. So I recommend using Joe's hand cleaner on grease spots, on carpet. (11/15/2008)

By Faye M.

RE: Grease Stains on Carpet

I had grease stains on beige carpet and tried our Hoover SteamVac with the upholstery brush, but it didn't work. Then used Dawn dish detergent with a wet paper towel. I went back over with the SteamVac and viola! They were gone. (12/01/2008)

By eggymar

RE: Grease Stains on Carpet

Use GoJo hand cleaner. (02/04/2009)

By Melissa

Archive: Grease Stains on Carpet

I am trying to sell my truck and unfortunately there are a few (significantly sized) mechanical grease stains on the tan-colored interior floor (it's carpet-like material). Anyone have any ideas on what to use, or how I can get the grease out?

By jenny_veve from Vancouver, BC Canada

RE: Grease Stains on Carpet

I use a product called Greased Lightning from Walmart. I use it on all kinds of grease on lots of different surfaces. It's $3 for a gallon and I add it to an old spray bottle from home. (06/13/2009)

By Sandy/Pittsburgh

RE: Grease Stains on Carpet

You might try a product called Folex. I bought mine at Walmart. It is a white spray bottle. It works pretty good. You might also try Simple Green. You can find it at Walmart in the automotive section. It is great for all kinds of things. You can even use it in the dishwasher and washing machine. I use it to clean pretty much everything. You can check out all the uses on their website, Hope this helps! (06/13/2009)

By harrison2009

RE: Grease Stains on Carpet

You might try GOOP. It's a white lotion that dissolves mechanic grease from hands. If it works on hands melting away, it should work on carpet, but you might have to repeat it a few times depending on how old the grease stain has been in carpet, how thick it is on the carpet and how deeply embedded the stain has gone. I'd also try a good grease remover product, and there's a lot of good products out there now. (06/13/2009)

By Lorelei

RE: Grease Stains on Carpet

Folex is what Home Depot recommended. It works great on any carpet problems. (06/13/2009)

By anniems

RE: Grease Stains on Carpet

Try using lighter fluid. It really works. Just squirt a little on the carpet and rub it with a paper towel or rag. (06/14/2009)

By NCchic