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Grease Stains on Suede Shoes


How do I get grease out of my suede Uggs?

By Stephanie from Memphis, TN


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By Pamela 1 12/23/2010 Flag

I've had luck with removing light grease stains from suede with rubber cement. The kind of rubber cement used in school projects (comes in a brown bottle with it's own brush inside). Of course, test first on a small spot, like the on inside lining. Just brush on a small amount, let it sit for a moment to dry, then rub off the rubber cement with a soft cloth. When stain is gone and suede is dry, use suede brush to fluff up the suede again. Good luck!

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Question: Cleaning Suede Boots

How do I clean cooking grease off suede boots? I tried soap and water, but it didn't work.

By Lisa

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By Karen 6 26 12/28/2011 Flag

I was told talcum powder absorbs the grease. Put some on, and rub it in, then brush it with a soft brush. Repeat till spot fades away. Good Luck! : )

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Archive: Grease Stains on Suede Boots

I have some pink suede boots that i recieved for Christmas. My little sister left the top off of a container, so now they have oil stains on them. Is there any possible way to get them out or cover them?


RE: Grease Stains on Suede Boots 01/18/2005
Try covering the stain with cornmeal. Let sit for 10min. Brush off with soft brush.
By jeangnome46
RE: Grease Stains on Suede Boots 01/19/2005
Cornstarch or alum may work as well.
By cjgeo
Removing Grease from Suede Boots 03/06/2006
I have just used the tip for removing grease from suede boots. It really does work. Blot off excess grease with kitchen paper. Dip a clean piece of cotton material in some white vinegar and dab on to soiled area. Dab off excess with dry cotton cloth and when completely dry buff with suede brush gently.
By Anne Cassells from South Wales, UK

Archive: Grease Stains on Suede Shoes

How do I remove grease from suede shoes?

Joanne from Sunderland


RE: Grease Stains on Suede Shoes

After trying cornstarch, as well as some expensive suede cleaner I purchased from a shoe repair shop, I still had a big oil spot on my new light blue suede shoes. Nothing left to do, so I carefully sprayed both shoes with an even coat of Pam Cooking Spray, and rubbed them thoroughly with a cotton towel. The shoes are a few shades darker, but no stain mark, and I'm very happy. (04/12/2007)

By Tina

RE: Grease Stains on Suede Shoes

I have a pair of light khaki Uggs and got a dark black grease stain on them. I put cornstarch on the stain, let it sit for a bit, rubbed it in and then brushed it off. The stain is not gone completely, but I wouldn't notice it if I weren't looking for it. Thanks for the tips. (01/15/2009)

By Megan US

Archive: Grease Stains on Suede Shoes

I broke a bottle of Zyrtec (allergy liquid medicine) and it went on the suede part of my shoes. Shortly after this happened, I went to a shoe repair store who told me "you can't get grease off of suede". He had some foam product that I didn't buy.

I am in desperate need of advice, because I have a hard time finding shoes to fit. I just read to purchase a suede eraser (where do I purchase this?), or a pencil eraser if you don't have this, or medium sandpaper used sparingly. Any input is greatly appreciated.

By Karen


RE: Grease Stains on Suede Shoes

First of all you should sponge the stain off the suede as much as possible. As I suspect that with liquid Zyrtec it will be mostly syrup + alcohol. Try sponging and letting dry several times. A suede eraser should be available at a shoe repair shop or online, it's just a gritty eraser. The sandpaper and so on is suggested to raise the nap of the suede once it has become shiny

If it is grease, you can use powder on it ASAP to absorb the oils. (Bath powder or even compact powder will do.) There are suede cleaners, and I have seen them in the dollar store, but the repairman is right. It is a tricky job. If the spot is too hard to get off you might consider wetting the whole shoe or a greater part of it to even out the color. I did that with a red suede dress once. Good luck (10/23/2009)

By pamphyila

RE: Grease Stains on Suede Shoes

Rubbing cornmeal into the suede will clean it, but will also lighten the color. Try a test area, then dampen with water and brush with a suede brush. Scouring the suede with sandpaper will remove the leather bristles. (10/24/2009)

By Cajun62234

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