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Getting Rid of Rabbits Under House

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Anyone have ideas how to get rid of rabbits? We live in the country in a mobile home, the rabbits have decided they like it under our home. We have piled dirt high in their holes, put rocks and tried water. They keep coming back. Help.

RoseMary from Colorado.


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By (Guest Post)10/27/2004

You wrote in June, I am writing in October, I wonder how your rabbit situation is now. We have raised rabbits in the past. Rabbit meat is wonderful to eat. It tastes similar to chicken, but per pound you will get more meat off a rabbit than a chicken. Find someone who will set traps for you and you have yourself a "free" source of meat for your family. Note, young rabbits under a year are the most tender. If you have that many rabbits, did you have any garden left? any flowers left around your mobile home? Good luck.

By Cheryl (Guest Post)06/01/2004

I have heard that sprinkling pepper around will keep rabbits out. Also you could spread human hair clippings. Supposedly they'll smell the human, sense danger and go away.

By Joy (Guest Post)06/01/2004

Buy "Rabbit Scat" at your local hardware or garden center and sprinkle completely around the house outside. It's the only thing I've found that works without hurting children or pets.

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