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Keeping Cut Fruit from Browning

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Apple slices.

Cutting fruit in advance saves time but also can result in unattractive, oxidized brown fruit. This is a guide about keeping cut fruit from browning.


Solutions: Keeping Cut Fruit from Browning

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Tip: Use Rubber Band To Keep Cut Apples Fresh

A cut apple that is held together with a rubberband to keep from browning.After cutting an apple, put it back together with an elastic ban. This will keep it from going brown in lunches.

By coville123 from Brockville, Ontario

Tip: Vitamin C To Keep Fruit Fresh

Fruit fresh made easy! Fruit-Fresh is so expensive and there is so little in the can. The main ingredient is vitamin C or ascorbic acid. I got to thinking and bought some chewable vitamin C tablets, crushed them in water, and mixed into my fruit salad. Works great and keeps the fruit from browning and tastes fine. Works wonderfully!

By karla from Eugene, OR

Tip: Keeping Fruit Salad from Browning

Squeeze lemon juice on fruit salad and it will not brown quickly. Some grapefruit juice will work as well and will taste even better (if you like the taste of grapefruits).

By ThriftyFun

Tip: Keeping Peeled or Sliced Apples from Browning

Coat peeled apples with a little lemon juice to keep them from browning quickly. Or toss them into a basin of water with a pinch of salt in it.

By ThriftyFun

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Here are questions related to Keeping Cut Fruit from Browning.

Question: Keeping Apples from Browning

How do you keep sliced apples from browning?

By Dan


Best Answers

By patricia27 [1]01/10/2012

Sprite and other lemon/lime soda/pop works great, as well as the others mentioned.

Best Answers

By cdoss [10]01/04/2012

I sprinkle lemon or lime juice on them. If I need to keep a bunch from turning, I put them in a zip bag and mix about 1 tablespoon lemon or lime juice with 1 tablespoon water, pour in and seal up and mix around.

There is also a product at the grocery store called Fruit Fresh. I believe it's normally with the canning products. We use it on peaches.

Question: Keeping Fruit From Turning Brown

When I cut fresh fruit for a salad it turns Brown. How can I keep this from happening?

Thanks for your help,
Missy from Las Vegas


Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post)03/02/2009

Lemon juice

Question: Keeping Peaches From Turning Brown

How do you keep fresh peaches from turning brown on desserts?

Esoper from Franklinton, NC

Most Recent Answer

By Muriel Hrbek (Guest Post)08/20/2008

I use frozen concentrated orange juice to keep peaches from turning brown. Wash approx. 15-20 peaches, slice with the skins on for nutritional value, add one 12 oz. can frozen concentrated orange juice, mix well to thoroughly coat and place in freezer bags. The orange juice adds a delicious flavor and color to the peaches and is sure to please. One of my favorite recipes is peach cobbler: thaw a bag of peaches and add topping, nothing needs to be added to the peaches.

Question: Does salt water help to keep fruit from browning?

Does salt water solution help to keep fruit from browning and why? Which is more effective, salt solution or acidic juices?

Rosanne from North Huntingdon, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Cleona Vassell02/14/2009

I'm no expert but I've always seen my mother used lime juice on ground provisions like yams, or potatoes if she is going to store them in freezer. When it comes to cooking for ex. cooking potato, bananas in boiling water a little salt will help keep the food from becoming discolored.

Question: Keeping Cut Bananas From Turning Dark

When slicing bananas to put in a gelatin salad, how do I keep them from turning dark?

By Sandi L.