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Bar of Soap Stuck in Toilet

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Bar of Soap Stuck in a Toilet

A soap bar is an immediate obstruction to your plumbing when it accidentally is flushed in the toilet. This guide is about bar of soap stuck in toilet.



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Question: Bar of Soap Clogging the Toilet

A bar of soap is clogging our guest toilet causing overflow upon flushing. Snaking removed a small part of the bar but enough remains lodged to cause the problem to continue. Any tips on disolving the soap bar quickly while keeping the toilet intact?

Thank you,
LeeAnne from Maryland


Most Recent Answer

By Trottlebee12/24/2014

Thanks for the terrific advice regarding the Roebic product! It worked on my commode within a few hours.

Question: Bar of Soap Down the Toilet

My sweet autistic daughter put a bar of soap down the toilet. I tried getting it out but it went further back. Now every time we have to go to the bathroom we have to plunge the toilet because it gets real high. What do I use to dissolve this problem? I need ideas please.

Barbara from Shoemakersville, PA


Most Recent Answer

By Wanda [4]11/06/2009

I wouldn't put boiling water in the toilet. The toilet is cold, and the hot water could cause your toilet to crack. It happened to me when my daughter was young, I had to replace the toilet. So, please think about putting hot water in the toilet.

Question: Bar of Soap Stuck in Toilet Tank Drain

My mom put a bar of soap into the tank of the toilet because the detergent thing has spoiled. When she flushed, the bar stuck at the hole. So now the flush lever has to be pulled more than 1 time (or could not be pulled) to fully flush. Anyone have any ideas?

By parislouise

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]12/13/2011

I might not be understanding the location of the soap bar, because from what I'm understanding in your question the soap is located in an easy to reach spot; I would have gloved up and pulled the thing out of there by now.

Is that possible in your situation?

Solutions: Bar of Soap Stuck in Toilet

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