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Choosing Container Plants for a North Facing Balcony

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I would like to have ideas for what to plant in a large planter pot for our north facing balcony. We get very limited sun and live in zone 5B. I prefer non-flowering types, so grasses are OK. I will have only one large pot so plants must "work" together.

Hardiness Zone: 5b

By Rebecca from Indianapolis, IN


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By Jeannie [3]03/11/2011

The horticulture department of your local university can be a good source of info. I live in Western Canada and my "go to" book is the Sunset Western Garden Book. I have a helleborous that has done well in shade. It's a winter bloomer and I have seen it in planters. I have found that flowering plants recommended for shade do need some sun to flower well. eg pansies, astilbe, fuschia.

By Joan [13]03/09/2011

I would ask at your local green houses or garden centers.

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