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Recycling Ideas for Old Televisions

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Does anyone have a reuse or recycling idea for old television sets?

Ohio Gal, from OH



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By Martin (Guest Post)01/23/2009

Create a puppet theater

By JT (Guest Post)06/11/2008

I wouldn't mess with old TV's if I were you. A friend of mine got an electrical shock that knocked him out from opening his old TV up even after it was unplugged. My suggestion for you is to have a professional remove the guts.

By Linda Smyth (Guest Post)06/04/2008

I was just driving past an old TV by the side of the road and thought what a cute wall feature it would make. If you take off the front part and mount a few in a pattern on the wall (say is a kids play room) what a talking point it would make.

I also saw a cute decorating idea with single records - they had them as a border around the wall. Very effective. Linda from Down Under

By Very Creative!!!! (Guest Post)02/07/2008

I use mine as a book center in my classroom. I gutted it out and put a nice soft cusion in it. I store the books on the top in crates. The kids love grabbing a book and going inside to read.

By heather21230 (Guest Post)10/13/2007

As one of the posts already mentioned, I have friends who took theirs apart and made an aquarium out of it. It is in their entryway and everyone who enters their home sees it, upon entering. It's beautiful at night (when it's lit up=)!

By rodeo girl (Guest Post)10/01/2007

I saw a fence made from old tv's and concrete blocks. Looked great and what a conversation starter

By GavinCummings (Guest Post)09/22/2007

A friend of mine made a planter.
Guests were shocked to see carrots growing out of his T.V!

By Cheryl09/18/2007

I remember reading about someone who made aquariums from old console TVs, tho I don't see why you couldn't use any other type. There was a pic of one he'd created & it was quite ingenius. Maybe you could Google it if you're interested in doing that.
Good luck!

By joyce wis (Guest Post)09/12/2007

With the older TV consoles. My husband & I would gut them out & make a bird cage out of them. You know the older consoles that sits on the floor with the wood around them.
They looked really nice. I still have 1 of them.

By U*u*U (Guest Post)09/11/2007

You might list old (broken) tv's on craigs list or freecycle for parts. Please be sure you specify that the set is non-working.

By Jan Yofee [12]09/11/2007

I called a few TV repair shops and they did not want them for parts or any reason. They say it is a throw away item and that CRT TVs are obsolete. People want flat screen LCDs or plasmas now. My city will pick them up but they go to landfills. Some recycling businesses accept TVs for recycling but you have to take them there yourself.

By Kim Churchman [3]09/11/2007

Give it to the local senior center helpline, or thrift shop (assuming it still works).

By Dawn [3]09/10/2007

Can you contact a locally owned tv/electonics store and see if they can use it for parts or something?

By cindy (Guest Post)09/10/2007

Use the wood to make shelves or a bookcase.

By SusannL (Guest Post)09/10/2007

I just want to caution you not to open up the back of a color TV set. Even if it is broken and not plugged in, I read that there could be enough stored electicity to kill someone. There was an article about a young man who died trying to fix a color TV.

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