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Lawn Mower Stops Running


I have a Viking mt410t with a new starter. The motor turns over by hand, the starter engages and turns the motor, but then it stops. The battery is fully charged.

By Mervyn from Grafton, Australia


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By Camilla 12 04/21/2011

Take off the carburetor bowl and see if it has gunk in it. I paid $80 for someone else to do this. My lawnmower ran 3 times. I opened it up next time clean it and it is doing fine.

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Archive: Lawn Mower Stops Running

My lawnmower starts, runs for a few seconds, then cuts out. I prime it with the bulb, same thing, over and over. How to fix?

Joel from New Hampshire


RE: Lawn Mower Stops Running

The gas line may be clogged, spark plug has grass or dirt on it, or the carburetor needs cleaning. Also, there may be water in the gas tank. If you have an air compressor, clean off the spark plug. You may need a new spark plug, too. Try the things that don't cost you anything first and if it doesn't stay running, then go to the least costly to repair.

By Lorelei

RE: Lawn Mower Stops Running

Three things needed for combustion, air, gas, and a spark. It sounds as if you have the air and spark so it may be the gas is the problem. Did you leave the gas in for the winter? Sounds if the gas line and carburetor has to be cleaned. Also, if the mower is an older model and the gas has ethanol in it that could also cause a problem. (05/18/2008)

By Harry

RE: Lawn Mower Stops Running

We had a lawn mower with the same problem. My husband says to completely drain the gas tank and clean it thoroughly. Also clean the gas line filter. Debris gets sucked into the opening valve and then drops back into the tank as the gas in swishing around. While you are at it, check your plug and carburetor. But your problem is in the gas tank and filter. (05/19/2008)

By Linda S.

RE: Lawn Mower Stops Running

You might just need to set the idle up a little higher. (05/19/2008)

Archive: Lawn Mower Stops Running

My Troy Bilt push mower won't start. The blade came loose and I reinstalled it. While doing that, it made some gargle noises inside the engine. When I pulled the cord to start, white smoke came out. (I did have it on its side to quickly retighten the blade.) It ran weakly for about 10 seconds and died. This happened several times with a couple of backfires mixed in. If it starts, runs about 4-10 seconds and dies.

By rkw66 from Arlington, TX


RE: Lawn Mower Stops Running

Did you drain the gas out of the engine before you started monkeying with the blade? If not, you probably got gas in the oil or oil in the gas and it won't burn. Drain gas and oil out, refill and start over. And next time siphon the gas out of the engine before you turn it over on its side to mess with the blade.

Susan in Omaha (08/04/2009)

By Susan

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