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Keeping Stink Bugs Out of My House

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Is anyone out there having problems with these terrible stink bugs? I'm literally a prisoner in my own home. They are getting in everywhere. There are those little openings on the window screens that they seem to get in which puts them between the window and the screen. They are also getting in under the rubber stopper on the slider screen door top and bottom. I have stuffed cotton, sprayed with bleach, but they still get in. Help!

By Alice from West Brandywine, PA


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By Ren10/20/2010

Stink bugs like a lot of pest bugs love light colors and light so at night that light on in the white room will only be like a glowing beacon for them. Even tho there large they can see the light and feel the warmth of any and all crevices going into your home. Unfortunately its a seasonal thing as winter comes they will go away.

The best medicine for these bugs is preventing them from coming in. Caulk every opining and ensure windows and doors are air tight ( if not use something to fill the gap), And try not to tempt them into your home by keeping unneeded lights on or heat on to high, or keeping windows and doors open for longer then necessary.

These solutions will also save you a lot of money simply by stopping your AC or Heating from going out the cracks and lowering the electric bill.

Once there inside best thing you can do is get them in a vacuum and just get them that way. Or use Very sticky fly paper near lights they'll bump into it and be stuck as they fly towards the light bulbs. (as well as any moths and flies) It may not look that nice but its the only non labor intensive method one can use for them.

I personally just catch them by hand and throw them back outside were they belong. They don't really do any damage. They're more just a nuisance. So its not a bad idea to just let them die since most will starve within a few days of getting inside. (unlike other pests like ant colony's and wheat moths)

Hope this helped ^_^;

By Laurie10/16/2010

I've got 'em too. I remove about 5 a day from my house. I'm going to caulk every little possible bug entrance and see if that works to keep them out.

By alice [9]09/26/2010

Thanks everyone for your help. My Brother who lives down the road was infested with them and bombed his attic sprayed the perimeter of his home thought they was gone but low and behold they were back, The other day they were back full force the store down the road had people fight them to get in . Now today its raining and its the first day i was able to open my windows and doors. They say the cool weather is on the way that's when I'm going in the attic and vacuum them up, I've been spraying them with hair spray it seems to stop them in their tracks and they don't spray. Again hang in there people from Del. and NY we're almost free. TT Grandmom I've posted a pic so you can see what they look like believe me you don't want them.

RE: Keeping Stink Bugs Out of My House

By mary knight [21]09/26/2010

Don't use pesticide in your home! The ONLY way to keep them out is to seal entrances. 1) use a caulking gun. 2) Use plastic over your windows. Once they are inside, follow the advice above, using the wand on your vacuum. This is the brown marmallated stink bug. I live in the DC area, where a major news station has a reporter for this alone. This is where I got the above advice. You can check with your Cooperative Agriculture Extension Service for updates.

By Sherry Nelson [3]09/25/2010

I am in NC. Having the same problem. In my clothes in my closet. In my home. All over my yard. Never seen this before. Not sure what to do with them either. I am frustrated also.

By Linda L. [82]09/25/2010

Don't know if this will work on stinkbugs but for ants I use a trail of baby powder. Put this down where the seams of walls or anyplace you think the bugs are entering.

By Grandma J [54]09/25/2010

I am sure you are referring to the chinese beetle? Looks like a Lady Bug? They are the stinkers here in MN. I take the vacuum wand out and let them have it, take the canister outside to dump after I give them a few minutes whirling to ensure their demise. With the wands on, I can reach my 10 ft ceilings, around the corners, etc. They love hugging behind drapes of a sunny window. So far so good. The garden tip on local TV this morning said you have to destroy their larva now with pesticides or wait till the soil is warm in the spring. The cooler the soil, the deeper the larva go for the CB. The Chinese Beetle was brought to the USA to take care of the aphids on the beans in the fields. As all good things come to an end when we up-end the eco-system, CB move indoors to winter. By the way, they not only stink, but they bite too. Difference in knowing which bug is which. The Lady Bug is more red than the brown/orange.

By Joan [8]09/25/2010

I also live in Delaware and am almost a prisoner as well! I hope someone out there has an idea. I think cold weather is the only "cure".

By HJ [13]09/25/2010

I live in Delaware and we are having the same problem. I'm anxious to see if anyone posts a solution here.

By Diane09/25/2010

I just bought gallons of pesticide to spray along the perimeter of my house on the outside. I'm going to spray around my windows and doors as well. I hope this works because like you I've tried everything else! I'll keep you posted!

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