What to do With Collard Stems


Does anyone have ideas as to what I can do with collard stems? I have an Iguana who I only feed the leaves so I am often left with stems that I discard. I actually discard all the stems of all the greens for him such as watercress,dandelion and whatever but the collards are large and it seems like such a waste.Too bad I do not have something I could feed them to :) Thanks for your help!

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Toni from Northern NJ



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By Judi 18 939 05/02/2008

I think all you can do with them is compost.

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By Marty Dick 163 955 05/02/2008

On May 1 there was a post about using peelings etc for vegetable broth. I think it was Pattie who posted it. You might want to try that.

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By Becky (Guest Post) 05/02/2008

I have an iguana too. They can eat the stems! Just cut it up small enough so they don't choke on it, but it is ok for them to eat the stems too.

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By MichelleK (Guest Post) 05/05/2008

Compost leftover greens in your backyard for organic plant fertilizer. Another is use them in a recipe, like I do at the raw food restaurant I work at, such as dehydrator crackers.

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 05/05/2008

Will they shred up for a coleslaw?

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By EVE (Guest Post) 05/05/2008

I chop mine up in the mini chopper, they eat it then.

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By Nance (Guest Post) 05/06/2008

Do you like sauerkraut? You can make a collard stem sauerkraut in a glass, plastic, or crockery pot in about 2 weeks using pure water and non-iodized salt. Follow a recipe for sauerkraut that you can find on-line but sub. the stems. It's healthy with lactic acid.

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By Tone (Guest Post) 05/06/2008

Thanks all for the great ideas. They are not the best for an Iguana so I would rather not feed them to him but I like the idea of the sauerkraut. Kimchi?? If I had a dehydrator I would definitely be trying something out that would be still raw since that is right up my ally. Thanks so much to everyone for their help!


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By Holly 367 1,264 05/08/2008

Blend with water and pour on the lawn.

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By (Guest Post) 05/10/2008

Compost, compost compost! If you don't garden or use compost, find a neighbor who does. They will probably be glad to take your collard stems and any other organic waste you might have.

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