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Someone recently gave me a Squeezo Strainer however it is missing the instruction/recipe manual. Does anyone have a manual for the Squeezo? I checked on the web and I could not download it.

By RealtorRose from Malvern, PA


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Here is a link to the customer service page of the people who manufacture the Squeezo strainer. Most companies will provide you with a manual for free by mail if you request it. You can type them an online email here:


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By Jamie 7 49 09/22/2009

I wish I had one of those, we used to use it growing up! Really, for tomatoes at least, we cut out the little area at the top with stem. Quarter/half the tomatoes, run through, then run the meat, skins etc., bowl through once more to squeeze more out. It is wonderful to use!

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By Rose Smith 46 87 09/22/2009

I contacted that website already and they told me they could sell me one. I was hoping not to have to purchase it.

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I am sure if you follow the photo posted here that you'll have no problem figuring it out and not have to pay anyone for the manual.

If it works the way a manual meat grinder works and has a clamp on the bottom just clamp it to your countertop.

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By Diana Stidd 1 10/01/2009

I have a manual. I can give you my address and you can send me yours or however you want to do this. I would send you a copy of the manual.

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