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How Do I Make Seashells Shiny?

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My sea shells were beautiful till they dried, now they are dull. Is there anything to spray or do? Thanks.

By Sandie


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By Pat Phillips [2]01/19/2011

Acrylic sealer in a spray will work. Make certain the shells are clean, and use several light coats of the spray allowing time to dry in between coats. And, of course, use a gloss finish spray.

By Jane Rader [3]01/19/2011

I have a book on Shells. It says to mix 1/2 lighter fluid and 1/2 baby oil. Polish the shells with the mixture and polish with a soft dry cloth. This protects the color. some shells are not shiney but this will preserve the color. Plastic sprays and finger nail polish will turn yello or brown after a time.

By Natalie [1]01/19/2011

If you're just displaying them, not using them in a craft, try a little glycerin. Put a dab on your fingers and rub it all over the shells. Be sure they aren't left sitting on untreated wood.

By Mary [71]01/19/2011

You can also use clear nail polish. Works just like varnish. I use it on all my small projects. Use the attached brush but a small paintbrush works better.

By Lilac [18]01/19/2011

I tinted pastel colors in clear nail polish and painted them. They were beautiful.

By Marlene [19]01/18/2011

Spray them with clear acrylic sealer. You can buy a can in any craft store or hardware store.

By Ann Winberg [282]01/16/2011

I too was dissapointed when mine dried out. I also was told to run them through the dishwasher to get all the germs and all off of them so I did. Don't do that, it also took some of the color out of the and weakened them.
I use my spray varnish, any brand would work whether it is satin or glass depending on the finish you want.

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