Homemade Head Lice Remedy

By Robyn Fed 394 1,240

I came across this tip about removing lice. In a nutshell, it says that by putting conditioner in damp hair and then dipping a metal (not plastic) comb in the baking soda and combing through hair, it gets them out a lot faster. Conditioner also has the added effect of helping you see the live lice and slow them down so you can find them in the first place.


By Robyn Fed from Hampton, TN

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 466 2,132 Flag

September 22, 2010

Another great one is to goop mayonnaise on the hair, cover in shower curtain for 30 minutes, then rinse. You can Google it if you don't think it's true. I did!


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By Jo 12 13 Flag

September 23, 2010

Boy, I wish I'd thought of this 30 years ago when my kids were little. All three had curly hair! Thanks, great tip!

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By Lelia Jo Cordell 51 1,936 Flag

September 23, 2010

Robin, I wish I'd had this tip several years ago! Both my daughters spent a summer looking like Sinead O'Connor. This, after I tried everything else I knew or had ever heard of to conquer the problem.

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Archive: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

To get rid of head lice, just buy a cheap bottle of mouth wash (the kind that contains alcohol). Saturate the hair with mouth wash and a good conditioner, put shower cap on and leave on for one hour. Rinse out and comb with lice comb, all the bugs should be dead. Kills the eggs too. Don't forget to wash all bedding, hats, coats, brushes, etc. and vacuum the house good. This should take care of the lice without costly and dangerous products. My daughter and niece got them. After using all of the other stuff (that didn't work), tried this and they were gone. We have not been bothered with them since. Good luck!

By Suzanne from Norfolk, VA


RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

You can use apple smelling shampoo as a preventative. And keep your hair up in a hair tie if at all possible. (01/07/2009)

By wvrdnkwmn

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

We used the soap Cetaphil (or generic brand). Coat hair thickly and let dry. Rinse out and use the lice comb. Repeat every 2-3 days until all signs of lice are gone (then do it once more just to make sure, LOL!). Gentle on your child's scalp and leaves hair soft. Worked much better than the harsh chemical products.

As Suzanne said, don't forget to also wash any linens, hats, coats, pillows, anything that may have come in contact with the infested person in HOT water and vacuum furniture. I did my daughter's bed linens daily. Oh and don't forget your car seat as well.(01/08/2009)

By chriself

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

Actually you don't even need the mouthwash, conditioner works great by itself. (01/08/2009)

By Thursday_Next

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

A low cost, green eco friendly, healthy natural way to deal with lice is to make a homemade liquid from soap berries, which grow on the China berry tree and have been used for thousands of years. They work very effectively. (01/09/2009)

By Ira

Archive: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

I would like a home remedy for head lice on children.

Yvonne from Brisbane, Australia


RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

My dad used to wash our hair out with pure rubbing alcohol for a few days until we was clear of the nasties. (02/24/2009)

By Becca25

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

Mayonnaise, preferably a cheap home brand type mayo in the jar. Grab a good handful and smooth it over the kid's hair, if they have long hair right to the ends. Then pile on top of their head, pop on a shower cap and leave for as long as possible or overnight.

Next morning rinse hair with warm water and watch the little critters slide away. Leaves my daughter's hair soft and silky, and also kills the eggs. Then run through with a nit comb and you are good to go. An added bonus, is it is also great for your hands and nails. Long live good old mayo.


By dekelder

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

Make sure you use Tea Tree oil. Also Olive oil rubbed into it has been promoted by public health. Google the subject line and you will get lots.

Make sure what you use is safe for all ages of children, adults, etc. Some things can be absorbed into the skin, creating severe reactions. Besides using a product you must pick out each nit in the hair. Get a fine comb and magnifying glass to help. Section off with clips as you go through the hair. Lice do not create disease, but it is uncomfortable to say the least and most schools won't allow the student's return until all has been cleared and retreated several times. Some work places have rules as well for the wellness of the person and rest of employees. (02/24/2009)

By T and T Grandma

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

The best way to remove head lice is to soak hair (and scalp) in any perfume you may have lying around. You don't even have to pick them out. Perfume kills all. My aunt insists on sending me cheap, horrible smelling perfumes as presents, and they work absolutely fantastically. (02/24/2009)

By Anastassia

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

You don't actually have to use any chemicals or other products at all. All you have to do is pick the live lice and the eggs out. Of course, that is easier said than done. My daughter had them recently and it took me four hours the first day to pick through her hair. It was pretty awful.

I did use a special lice-killing shampoo after that initial four hours, but it was only because the live lice freaked me out (found 13 of them, shudder) and I didn't want to find any more live ones. The shampoo only kills live ones, it doesn't "kill" eggs. You still have to pick every single egg/nit out. I checked her hair every day for about a week, finding a few more each time. Strange when you think you've got them all, but it's really hard to get them all the first or second time.

I went to checking once or twice a week until I didn't find any at all after awhile. A month perhaps? I never did find any more live or dead bugs, only the eggs and I'm not sure if that's because I used the shampoo or not. Probably not as it doesn't kill eggs. Or perhaps I missed a live one in the initial picking and the shampoo killed it and I washed it away with the shampoo.

Ugh. Hope I never have to deal with this again, but with three small daughters I can assume it's in my future. (02/25/2009)

By Katie A.

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

I worked at a large doctors' office in college, and the nurses recommended mayo for the lice cases that didn't work with the Ridex stuff. Also, as a teacher, I was told to spray my hair heavily with hairspray, especially by the neck area, when there was an outbreak. Worked for me. (02/25/2009)

By wife2jfbuilder

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

I've made lice killer from a heavy salt solution. Boil water and add as much salt as can be dissolved, until it's almost a paste. This is the same basic solution as is being sold with a perfume agent as a non-toxic head lice remedy. (02/25/2009)

By Nance

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

My grandparents and parents both have used kerosene to get rid of head lice it burns a little where they have bitten, but it kills them quick and the oily residue smothers the eggs so they will not hatch. (03/10/2009)

By hawkeye197033

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

When we were on our third round of lice in one school year, I came across this home remedy that works way better than any commercial pesticide made to treat lice.

  1. Soak hair in the medicine flavor original Listerine (store brand works too). Cover with a shower cap and wait one hour. This step kills the lice.

  2. Soak hair in apple cider vinegar. Cover with a shower cap and wait another hour. This step helps loosen the nits.

  3. Wash as normal. During the conditioning step, use a large quantity of conditioner to cover the whole head. While conditioner is in pull the nit or flea comb through all parts of the hair. The nit comb is around $10.00 and the flea comb $2.00. They are the same thing pretty much.
    Make sure to rinse the comb each time you pull through the hair to wash away any lice or nits that came out in the comb.

  4. Pick out as many nits as possible after you finish washing. One daughter it was easier to do when her hair was damp and the other was easier when her hair was dry.

  5. Make sure to clean all areas of the house that may be in contact with the lice. Listerine can be put in a spritz bottle and used at least once a week as a preventative as well. (04/02/2009)

By Skyfire

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

Both of my girls have always had long thick hair. They are also prone to head lice. After a long struggle with them, I searched online for a remedy. I found Neem Oil. It is an all-natural pesticide that is so safe you can use it on kids and pets. It is made from the seed of the Neem tree. I ordered it and did a mix of 1/2 Neem and 1/2 olive oil (or another carrier oil), put it on the hair, cover with shower cap, and leave for 8-12 hrs. Then shampoo out. Not only does it kill the lice, it makes it easy to remove the eggs, most come off in the wash.

It also helps prevent re-infestation for a short while. Mix the oil with water and dish soap and spray the beds and carpets. You can find the exact measurements online. One word of "warning": It smells like old onions and garlic. But it works great and price is good if you look online. I bought an 8oz bottle 2 years ago and still have some. (04/22/2009)

By bizzymom

Archive: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

How do I get rid of lice?

By Darionl from Ardmore, OK


RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

This isn't homemade per se, but it was more effective and less harsh than the chemicals like RID and such. We used a mild soap called Cetaphil. Many stores have a store brand of this as well. You saturate the hair with it and let it dry on there for a minimum of 2 hours(6-8 is better). Then rinse and comb out nits and eggs.

The soap suffocates the lice and nits and loosens the eggs from the hair shaft. Do this every few days until no more eggs appear then do it again in a week just to make sure. Getting rid of lice is a long process, Be patient and thorough. Don't forget to wash linens in hot water frequently and vacuum furniture. Also don't forget the car. Good Luck. (03/29/2010)

By chriself

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

I find cooking oil effective. Coat the hair in the oil. Comb through with a large comb to get rid of the knots then comb the entire head with a fine nit comb, one section at a time, wiping the comb with kitchen paper each time. I then keep the oil in overnight and repeat the combing process again next morning. You will need to protect your bedclothes from the oil. The oil is supposed to make it hard for them to get a grip and feed. Also it will take 3 washes to get the oil out. I then comb the hair with a nit comb twice a day for a fortnight. You can also use hair conditioner. (03/29/2010)

By MaddogsandEnglishmen

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

DO NOT use kerosene! The stuff is toxic. It is easily absorbed through the scalp and is highly flammable. A lot of people still like to use it because their parents or grandparents did and they survived, but there have been children who have died or become seriously ill from it. (03/29/2010)

By lyonpridej

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

Sauerkraut juice. (03/29/2010)

By muttmom

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

I know this sounds crazy, but Dog Flea and Tick shampoo works great for killing lice. I've been using it on my kids for years. (03/30/2010)

By laura343

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

Vaseline coats the lice and they suffocate. Smear it on thickly, cover your head with a shower cap, leave on for 30 minutes and wash off. Do this once a week, to kill the new hatchlings, for 4 weeks. It's hard to wash out, but it works!! I find that Sunlight liquid dish soap washes it out. Cheap and it works. (03/30/2010)

By catastrofy

RE: Homemade Head Lice Remedy

Do not use Rid or Nix. This stuff is awful. I used it on my daughter with our first go-around with lice and I swore I would never do this again. This is what I now do and it works well. I purchased 2 metal (not plastic) lice combs. One is finer than the other. I use a super-inexpensive dish soap from our local Aldi store that has "Bleach-Alternative" added. (I think Dawn also has a variety of this type of soap...) Wet your child's hair and saturate it with the soap. Let it set for a few mintues. The live lice cannot stand this soap and will die. Comb the hair with the soap still in it with the larger of the 2 lice combs. You will see some of the larger louses and some nits. Rinse the hair thoroughly and use a little conditioner to aid in the comb going through the hair. Using the finer comb, keep combing out the nits. Wipe or rinse the comb with each pass through the hair to dispose of the nits. I did this process each night on my daughter for a week and did not have any more problems. (And she has a very thick head of hair!) Good Luck! (07/16/2010)

By JEMsMom

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